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10 Common Foods That Can Make You HIGH:

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Disclaimer: This post is solely for the purpose of knowledge. We strictly discourage any type of food or drug abuse. The things we mentioned below can be potentially dangerous or even life-threatening if taken in a large amount and should not be entertained by any means.

They say “there’s no sincere love than the love of the food” and I oh, I couldn’t agree more. Food is the ultimate pleasure of life and the only thing that can fix all types of moods. If you are happy you celebrate it by going to dinner, if you are sad or depressed you eat desserts and when you want to feel loved you eat chocolates. Even if you are sick you fix yourself by taking a different kind of food as the remedy.

 At times food does not only affect your body but your mind as well. It can give you an eclectic mix of feelings such as happiness and ecstasy. You don’t agree, right? Fine then imagine having a bite of moist freshly baked chocolate cake on a cold winters night or a sip of freshly made chilled lemonade on a blazing day… That odd feeling of satisfaction is something beyond the words. I call it Foodgasm – Orgasm you get by food .

But do you know that some foods can cause effects on the whole different level? With some of them being straight psychedelic? Yes, that’s true. There are things available in your kitchen that can beat certain drugs in releasing extreme levels of endorphins and creating Hallucinations but are way more lethal than any other hallucinogens. Foods which you are taking since ever but never knew that they could be so dangerous. Here is the list of the foods that can take you on a euphoric but dangerous trip.


Poppy seeds are a common grocery item found in almost every kitchen cabinets.  People use it in making cakes, biscuits, or to extract edible oil from it, but this simple looking product has some really magical effects. Obtained from the Opium Poppy plant (Papaver Somniforem). It’s an oilseed that contains trace amounts of Morphine. Though not so strong to cause psychological effects if consumed in a large amount, it will show POSITIVE in the drug test result. Poppy seeds do also contain low levels of narcotic alkaloids like morphine and codeine, which have been used for the treatment of severe pain in the past. However, people suffering from insomnia still use it by adding a spoonful of it in a glass of hot milk.


This innocent spice is considered as a King of Hallucinogens in Food. Nutmeg contains a high level of myristicin, a psychoactive substance famous for its mind-altering effects if ingested in large doses.

Nutmeg has been used as a drug in different parts of the world for ages. The trip by consuming heavy amounts of Nutmeg is called the Nutmeg High. It’s psychedelic effects and Buzz can last for up to two days and can be as hallucinogenic as LSD. But despite being high on psychoactive chemicals, its also high on toxic levels. As small as 3 teaspoons of this dark spice can even take you to the hospital, specially snorting ground nutmeg can destroy lungs and lead you to nose bleed and serious respiratory issues.


Isn’t it weird? A decent food item as Rye bread can be so naughty? But this is true. Back in medieval times, this innocent food was used for witchery trials. They use to keep rye grain in moist conditions to develop the fungal disease, ergot which is considered as a forefather of today’s LSD.  Later, that fungal rye bread was consumed to get the effects of convulsion, hallucinations, and delirium, conditions that they used to relate with Witchery and Evil Possession.

Though it’s difficult to get high on nowadays Rye bread is made to perfection and exposed to proper moisture you can get the old times to result. But one should not try to develop some kind of disease and consume it.


It’s a thing which every kitchen pantry possesses. A nice hot cup of freshly brewed coffee can revive your mood and enhance your ability to work but besides l more likely to experience hallucinations. People with High caffeine intake whether it comes from tea, coffee, chocolates, or energy drinks, have a three times higher tendency to see things or hear voices that aren’t really there.


Shocked? How can such tasty and amazing delicacy like fish, which we are having since childhood stands in the list of Hallucinogens? Yes, it’s true and you never experienced it may be because not every species can contain such delirium effects. There are many species of Hallucinogenic fishes amongst which the most famous is Sarpa Salpa. It is a coastal fish and an easily found fish around the Mediterranean and Spain, along the coast of Africa. The chemicals found in Sarpa Salpa are reported to create LSD like hallucinations. Back in 2006, two men who ate Salpa fish reportedly experienced an extreme hallucinogenic trip that lasted for several days. It is also called the Dream Fish in Arabic.


We all have been through the effects of eating hot peppers once in our lifetime. Despite having nausea, sweat, and burning sensation from mouth to esophagus, who knew that the chili peppers can also cause hallucinations?

The Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest pepper in the world possess this ability to cause hallucinations. Marshal Terry, the man who tried it claimed to have the “weird” effects on him. At first, he felt the usual torment and shocks, but after that, he started talking nonsense. He even said that he’s hallucinating and his words were speaking his mind. Despite this, it was also reported to cause a thunderclap headache in victims.


One of my favorite ingredients. Honey is nectar rich In minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other organic acids. Its sweet mild flavor makes it a favorite of everyone but do you know that there’s a certain type of honey that can TRIP you?

Mad Honey, also called Deli Bal in Turkey, apparently can take you on a euphoric trip. This dark reddish honey contains an ingredient called grayanotoxins, a natural neurotoxin that can bring on dizziness and hallucinations even if consumed in small quantities. Mad Honey is produced in the Black sea; the biggest honey-producing region in Turkey.


Another favorite ingredient of mine which I love to take along with honey. But imagine comparing Mad Honey, with hallucinogenic Cheese?

Yes, you read it right. Stilton Cheese is said to be responsible for the occurrence of weird dreams. According to a survey conducted in 2005, 75% of men and 85% of women experienced unusual and odd dreams after consuming cheese. Great, I don’t like Stilton.


Cinnamon is one of the most famous culinary items. It is often used in different types of desserts like apple pie, cinnamon rolls, and cookies. This spice is best known for its hot properties and the comforting thing to take in winters. Despite having some amazing properties, it also shares some similarities with Nutmeg. Like nutmeg, it also contains psychoactive substance myristicin which makes it stand in the line of other items that cause HIGH.


Areca Nuts are famous in India and Pakistan, and a common addiction amongst young and old. Though studies suggest that the effects of chewing Areca Nuts are similar to chewing tobacco leaves. The Alkaloids Arecoline presented in Areca nuts is probably responsible for creating addiction. Its effect somewhat resembles the nicotine in cigarettes that produces mild euphoria and a surge of energy.

So these are some common foods with really uncommon qualities. However, we would strongly recommend you not take these things in large quantities or the results could be extremely lethal and unfortunate.

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