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150 PIA Pilots Grounded Over Fake License

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Pakistan International Airline (PIA), is one of the most famous airline companies in Pakistan that holds the title of the National Carrier. In every country, a national airline often holds the reputation of a sacred magical horse from ancient Greek that is loved and respected by every person of the tribe, but unfortunately, we have converted it into a dead duck, whose resurrection can only be done by the ESSA (A.S) himself. This, my friends, is the condition of Pakistan Airlines nowadays. But it has not always been treated this way. There was the time of the rise of Pakistan when Pakistan International Airlines used to be the best airlines of its time and flying with PIA was considered an honor, but now people prepare their wills before taking a flight with it. PIA, which was already going under troubles for terrible onboard services, and unsafe flight operations has now something much bigger to add in its failure list. 

Recently the Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, grounded more than 150 pilots for having Fake or Suspicious License:

Minister of Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan shared this initial report of the investigations with the media that 260 out of country’s 860 active pilots have an either bogus or suspicious license. Addressing Pakistan’s National Assembly, Ghulam Sarwar Khan revealed that 262 pilots in the country are those who “did not take the exams themselves or paid someone to sit in the exam on their behalf and do not have flying experience “We have decided to ground 150 pilots with immediate effects.” Said the Aviation Minister. 

This news was like another crash after 22 May 2020. People who lost their loved ones in the incident felt more devastated after knowing that there are chances now that whatever may happen was a “Human Error”. That means we never know that the pilot we are flying with could be a former truck or bus driver, who bought his license over some bucks and now flying an aircraft taking 100,200 passengers. In this calculation, the total worth of our lives is the amount that the FAKE pilot spent on the license. On the other hand, we have become a stooge for the rest of the world. The International Media is stunned upon such sickening revelations. Congratulations to the administration for taking a successful leap from “Great Peoples to fly With” To “Fake People to fly with”

But As I said earlier, this is not how it always used to be. Let me share some history of Pakistan International Airlines. See how this Golden Airline used to fly:


It was the time before the creation of Pakistan when PIA was founded in 1946, under the name of Orient Airways, and was based in Calcutta, British India. The airline was nationalized after the Independence of the state and hence named Pakistan International Airline Corporation (PIAC). The renewed airline become operational in the year 1955 to London via Cairo and Rome.

PIA gained popularity in no time as it held the title for becoming the first Asian airline to acquire jet aircraft (Boeing 707). PIA was the first-ever Asian airline that flies Lockheed Super Constellation (an American propeller-driven 4 engine aircraft) here flying to a communist country China was used to consider as a taboo and a matter to frown upon amongst all the Muslim countries, PIA came as a stereotype breaker. 29th April 1964, PIA started its 1st flight operation on the routes of Dhaka-Canton-Shanghai, and become a first non-communist airline to ever land its wheels on the People’s Republic of China. Emirates which is observed as one of the best Airlines in the world was established with the help of PIA. Not only this, but PIA also set the record in 2005 to complete the longest nonstop commercial flight. The National Carrier gained popularity over a short period of time and arguably was the most reliable airline in the worldwide. But as they say, there’s fall to every rise. Soon the PIA’s management, under the “Highs” of the success, took the airlines to the extreme “Lows” 

The Reasons behind the Debacle of Pakistan Airlines:


It is sad to see that one of the best International airlines of its time has come to the point where it’s nothing but a national burden. However, the fact to be stated, it was the dishonesty and the poor decisions of the management that took the Airlines to the verge of destruction. Once the best-operating flights in the world have lost its credibility. PIA has to end its flight operations to Washington since 1990, Houston since 2006, and Chicago since 2012, whereas PIA ended its services to New York in 2017.

The reason behind the debacle of PIA is nothing but the appointment of the incompetent, unqualified, and corrupt administration. Since 1990, PIA is running by the people who are deliberately dismantling it for their own good. It has been under threat since long by the business-oriented elite class who wants to privatize the National flag carrier to promote their corporate sector for good. While the PIA is being wrecked by its own people, the other private airlines like Serene Air, Shaheen Air, and Air Blue are having benefits from the downfall of Pakistan.

Poor On-Board Services:

Management has also played a big role in the ruination of Pakistan Airlines. The On-board services have become so cheap and disgusting that once who traveled through it has sworn to never come back. The mouse comes on-board, dances in the cockpit and then left feces in the passenger’s food, AC stops working in the middle of the flight, leaving passengers panting for air, passengers are being served stale bread, and if this is not enough then they delays a flight for 3 hours while passengers are on board, which caused death to an infant due to suffocation and yet the organization is thinking about the possible REASONS behind the downfall, amusing.

Worst Safety Records:

In the 2018 survey, PIA comes third in the list of worst airlines in the world, and we deserve it. The irresponsibility and incautiousness we show towards our national flag carrier is something we should be ashamed about. From 1965 to 2020, we have experienced more than 20 crashes but still, our safety measures are on 0. When it comes to the safety and security of the aircraft we always believe in playing blame games. Pilot prefers to argue with the traffic control during a flight crisis, boards the flight while fasting (which is prohibited), and fly for many hours without taking a break, by the way, which all comes under the term Human Errors. Whereas if you talk about technical issues, well, I’ll propose not to talk at all about it as the parts of the aircraft don’t worth talking. According to the technical team of PK 8303, the parts of many aircraft are old and worn out. They also claimed that they wrote many applications to the authorities but they never took notice.

Government Conspiracies:

Unfortunately, PIA has faced the worst government conditions for decades. In PML N tenure, the government was all set to privatize and SALE the National flag carrier. Then finance adviser Miftah Ismael also makes an impressive deal. He announced that anybody buying the PIA will be given steel mills free of cost. “Buy one get one Free” on a larger scale, impressive.

Though PIA is suffering through the worse but privatizing is not the final solution. We still believe that with a competent administration, and loyal staff, one will be able to make this national carrier stand on its feet and reach the heights again.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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