9-Year-Old Boy Saves His Family By Braving The Flames When Hindu Mob Torched His House

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The evening of 23 February 2020, a progression of violence and carnage episodes started in the Jaffrabad region of North East Delhi in which 53 Muslims were killed and in around 200 of them were injured.

Muslims were being spotted on roads, streets and even in their homes and subjected to brutality, many were lynched on streets, some cases of raping Muslim women have also appeared while their houses were burnt down by Hindu terrorists.

One strange case of bravery have been reported at a small town in Lajpat Nagar of Northen Delhi where a nine years old boy, Hammad Ansari risked everything to save his family when their house was torched by the Hindus.

The Delhi boy was one of the fourth members of his family who were stranded at their 110 yards of home in Lajpat Nagar when a fire started. He noticed the flames and smoke in the bedroom where his family put him for safety along with his 3-year-old sister.

Hammad didn’t hesitate for a second

It’s obvious to imagine that a kid of his age would have been paralyzed with fear in such a terrible scenario but not Hammad. He immediately picked up his sister and literally jumped out of the open window, bringing them both to safety.

What amazes the people of Nagpur that he didn’t just stop there. Hammad approached his uncle who happens to be his neighbor in order to rescue his loving parents. He brought his uncle to the location which eventually led to the rescue of his stranded parents.

While people lauded Hammad for his bravery, they are also surprised that how a child of his age could confront the fire while saving his sister, bravely jumping out of the window with her and then smart enough to bring his Uncle to the rescue of his parents.

What makes this an amazing case?

“We’ve seen kids alert their families previously,” Delhi Fire Department official Rohit Desai stated. however for a 9-year-old to be significantly mentally prepared to do this … that is extremely unimaginable.”

Firefighters showed up,and treated Hammad and his other family members for minor burns and smoke inhalation.

By the beauty of almighty Allah, everyone of us escaped our house in time,” Hammad’s Father said. “If Hammad was not observant and brave, we may not be here alive today.”

As thankful as the family is to be alive, they are attempting now to get a hold of themselves after the decimation of the home.

“Even though we have lost our home but we are happy that we are alive. Many Muslims have lost their lives and we feel really sorry for them. No Muslim is safe in this country, let alone his house or other belongings.” Said Hammad’s Mother.

Meanwhile, Hammad is being praised for his bravery.

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