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90’s vs the ’20s: Pakistani Shows Then and Now

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Pakistani Drama Industry has witnessed an era of utmost class and elegance. This was the era of the ’90s. A vintage time when shows were more than just a drama. They used to be a source of solace. Back in those days, watching dramas wasn’t considered something bad or awful because of the content, which is used to be simple, innocent, and free from any vulgarity. There weren’t used to be something in the Dramas which you cannot watch along with your family neither you had to take a water break now and then to avoid the embarrassment of the “steamy” or awkward scene appearing in presence of Ammi Abba.

Why the 90’s Vintage Dramas Are Still Popular?

In those times, Pakistani shows used to be an epitome of art. They were accustomed to carry our culture, customs, and traditions inside their stories, and people used to loved and embrace them with the bottom of their hearts. If you would ask a 90’s kids about their famous drama they would still say Einak Wala Jinn or Alpha Bravo Charlie, because since then we haven’t found any single show equivalent or even near to them. 90’s drama used to carry REAL stories. Stories that everyone can relate to. They either used to contain motivational messages or cute funny flicks. Even if there’s a love story, the hero would express his love in such a respectful way which can easily confuse the viewers that either this girl is her bae or sister? The language and dialogues used in the dramas were soft and dignified. No double meaning dialogues or useless catch-up lines like “Aao tumhe apni saanson mein bhar loon” (which is technically not possible) or “Tumhare badle main Jannat bhi na loon” (Tauba Tauba). If we talk about comedy so trust me those artists who this new generation loves actually LEARNT their gags from the real comedy kings of the golden era like Moin Akhtar, Jamshed Ansari, Salim Nasir, etc. whose humor and wittiness didn’t require any vulgar jokes or abusive slangs to go popular. This is why 90’s drama was ultimate love. So, let’s come and take a look at some famous shows from the past and how they made our childhood magical.

Iconic Shows of ’90s


Cast: Nabeel as Dawood, Aashir as Azhar, And Nazli as Sara

It was undoubtedly one of the most famous drama serials on PTV. Written by Aashir Azeem, Dhuwan was an ultimate craze of the Pakistanis in the ’90s. This story based on five friends who determined to fight against the terrorists and drug dealers destroying the image of their country. It was a good mix of wittiness and action with a pinch of romance added to it. The scene of Dawood getting killed was something that took the whole Pakistan in tears. The dialogues were simple and dignified whereas the story was thrilling.


Cast: Captain M.Qasim Khan as Gulsher, Abdullah Mehmood as Kashif Kirmani, Faraz Inam as Faraz Ahmed, and Shahnaz Khwaja as Shahnaz:

If I say that this show inspired many to join the Army, I won’t be wrong. The coolest show of the ’90s. Directed by the magician Shoaib Mansoor, this story was about 3 young guys who joined PMA and later became best friends. There was everything that can give u a glimpse of the inner lives of our unsung heroes. The show offers you fun, romance, action, and a beautiful story that you will never forget.


Cast: Shehzad Qaisar as Nastoor (Aenak wala Jin), Munna Lahori as Zakoota Jin, Zahida Shareef as Bill Batori

This fantasy show was the Harry Potter series of 90’s kids. There was magic, motivational messages, humor, and lots of fun. Even adults used to watch and enjoy it because of the innocent humor and lessons about good vs bad. The evil but the funny character of Bill batori and how her magic used to fail every time on Nastoor Jadugar was love. We 90’s kids still remember the Zakoota Jinn’s dialogue “Mujhe kaam batao main kya karoun main kis ko khaoun” Lol, man, those were some amazing days.


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