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Asif Magsi – A Baloch Making Pakistan Proud

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Here is a laughing call for all those who says that Pakistan is a struggling country regarding to its talent and abilities. We may be a third world country facing multiple problems like economic crises, poverty, worst governance, etc. despite these major drawbacks, the youth of this country is a pride for us because of all the achievements they earned even while having great faults in our education system. Despite insufficient resources and funds, the young generation of Pakistan still manages to compete with the rest of the world based on their determination and unmatchable talent. Whether it’s about education, cooking, games, or athletics, our youth seems to be going ahead in almost all of them. One of the most emerging talents of Pakistan is Asif Magsi, who shared his video on Tiktok and became a sensation overnight.

Asif Magsi – Making Leaps Of Success

Asif Magsi 21, is a young Baloch boy who hails from the dusty grounds of Thatta City in Sindh and lived in Karachi has stunned the whole nation with his talent. Sometimes back, Asif shared his video on a short- video making app Tiktok in which he made an epic long jump over 11 bikes straight. He thought he is going to share something “cool” with his 1.2 million followers on the app, but little did he know that this jump will become a leap of success for him. Asif Magsi is a famous and loved Tiktoker. His videos with national songs in the background, exhibiting Asif wearing a shirt containing Pakistani Flag and making long leaps along with a flag in his hand have won millions of hearts.

“A Gifted Athlete”

Soon his incredible leap earned him the titles like “the flying man” and “Hero Pakistani”. His jumping video has been shared thousand times and viewed over a million times on different social media platforms, which has not only to fascinate online spectators but also the Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP). The president of AFP, Retd. Major General and also a long jump champion of Pakistan, Akram Sahi found his jump extremely stunning and he contacts Magsi immediately. “I was halfway through breakfast when I saw Asif’s long jump video. I was so impressed that I asked my team to find this boy, invite him to Lahore and begin his training as a professional athlete” Said Major Sahi in one of his conversations with the media. “This boy is a gifted athlete. The most incredible part is his action in the air which displays his ability to become a world-class athlete” said president AFP.

Asif was extremely overwhelmed by this response and thrilled about the opportunity to join the training. He said that he had no idea that his latest achievement would change his life. “It was my personal best and I received an overwhelming response about it but that’s about it.” Said Magsi.

“I have been attempting long jumps over the canals and then bike for some times and then started making videos to share my passion with the world” he added. He also said that he wanted to join Pakistan Army since childhood to make his country proud. “I hope that the professional training will make me go faster, farther, and higher to achieve my goals of setting a new world record in the long jump and make Pakistan proud,” Asif said with gleaming eyes. Well, the good news is that Asif dream came true as Pakistan Army has decided to recruit this young talent. According to the sources, Pak Army will recruit the long jumper Asif Magsi, along with providing necessary training and assistance to him to further improve his talent.

The Rise of “The Flying Man” On Twitter

Soon the epic skills of Asif made him a star on Twitter overnight where he received love and appreciation, not only from Pakistan but all over the world. People asked the authorities to invest in people like Asif Magsi, and make full use of their potential. People claimed that the jump Magsi made was about massive 22 feet long, whereas the national record of Pakistan is 25 feet and World Record is about 29 feet long to date. People believe that with the proper training, Asif Magsi can even reach to Olympics.

Along with the public, many celebrities also hailed his skills and appreciate his talent. A famous athlete like Carl Lewis also made it to twitter and express his feelings for the young lad. “Actually with his lack of fear, he has the perfect mindset,” said Lewis.

Famous Pakistani mimicry artist and actor Shafaat Ali also laud Magsi saying “Tu Cheeta hai… Wish you best of luck”

Shaneira Akram, wife of the former cricketer Wasim Akram and a social activist also showered Asif with praise and love. “Wow, he’s incredible. It scares me to think how much indicovered raw talent we are neglecting” Shaneira said in a tweet.

Where Balochs are in a bad light nowadays due to the terrorist activities taking place, and several Baloch leaders talking gross about Pakistan, this young boy proved that he is among those TRUE and brave Balochs who swore and took the oath to protect the dignity of their motherland. Today, the whole nation is proud of the Real “Hero Pakistani” – Asif Magsi.

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