Does the world of ‘ANIMAL ESPIONAGE’ exist?

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Over the centuries we’ve seen alliances and enmities between the countries that have caused them to either shaking hands or killing each other to death. Conspiracies, intriguing, collaborating and any such thing have caused countries to take benevolent steps. The curiosity about what is happening in other houses is a very common habit which not only outwits but thwarts the opponent because one gets to know what is going on beforehand.

Technology has been of great use in spying. Haven’t you seen mission impossible, matrix, and other agent-centric movies?

 There are many undercover intelligence agencies in the world who are trying to save their country from any kind of suspected atrocity. Spying on other countries is something that has been happening for so many years, people who are caught as traitors are killed or punished brutally. So maybe this is how few countries rejuvenated with spying by creating Animal espionage! Yes, you heard it right!

How is the technology related to animals and how is spying connected to animals is not easy information to digest. Some news internationally is claimed to be as a rumor, some as a joke and some as truth. The most famous animal espionage episodes are:-

  • Pigeon:-

The misogyny of pigeon being a traitor is a historically brought up thing. Do you all remember World War 1 pictures?

Those were taken by pigeon photographers who were spying at that time for Germany. The German army used this idea and captured the war scenarios in it.

Recently a pigeon was caught in India who was standing a couple of meters away from the border. According to the government and the local news anchors of India, he was there to take information from LOC. Indian media also claimed that they are still trying to decipher the code that was actually a mark on pigeon’s leg. Weird isn’t it? I feel so sad for the innocent pigeon who is still imprisoned for doing nothing.

Internationally this news became a joke for India because this accusation was pointless, without any proper evidence.

  • Locusts:-

Locusts have increased in both India and Pakistan over time. They are also eaten in villages by people but since their amount has increased exponentially people are really scared. It’s eating the crops and destroying fertility.

India blamed Pakistan for sending “Terrorist Locusts” since the massive locust invasion in India has actually caused them to lose their mind.

One of the very famous reporter in India Arnab Goswami called it a ‘plot by Pakistan’. On his statement, many Indians themselves raised a voice in favor of Pakistan by sarcastically tweeting that one of the locusts was seen alive kindly interrogate it, please.

Indians may have taken their fantasy movies seriously.

  • Lizard:-

In Iran, international tourists were arrested recently in February’2018 because they had lizards with them who were trained to attract themselves to atomic radiation so that they could gain information about Iran’s nuclear power program and destroy it because of which these lizards were also named as ‘Atomic Lizards’. According to their military advisor Hassan Firouzabadi they’re still trying to figure out the intelligence agency or the country behind it.

  • Shark:-

We all know that fishes don’t sleep. Fishes like sharks are always ready to attack their prey and are always thirsty for blood like a vampire. So in 2010, in MISR many shark attacks were being witnessed. According to their regional governor, Mohammad Abdul Fidel these attacks were a conspiracy by ISRAEL Intelligence agency MOSSAD so that the country wouldn’t earn economically since it was a tourist attraction area so basically shark attacks were a threat to the economic prosperity of the country. Shark attack was actually named as ‘MOSSAD Shark army’. This agency is previously accused by many other countries so the international media couldn’t have their opinion on this.

  • Cats:-

In 1960, the USA experimented with a cat. The American intelligence agency CIA actually named this project as ‘Acoustic kitty’. Their main objective was to gain necessary information about other countries. American government actually wasted 20 million dollars in this kitten which was designed with an antenna wire in the spine, microphone in its ears, and power supply in her hair but unfortunately, she was bumped into a car because of which the experiment failed and she died right away.

  • Dolphins:-

A very jolly and a friendly animal Dolphin vividly known for playing was also used as an agent claimed by the Palestinian government officials by ISRAEL, to collect their information.  In 2015, Palestinian SUNNHSLAMIST ORG, HAMAS arrested Dolphins who were according to them involved in detective crimes in GAZA. However, this accusation was denied by the ISRAEL’S government. Those traitor dolphins are still with the Palestinian government.

  • Crows:-

Crows are known to be the cleverest in pets. In the USA, the CIA used black crows as a spy, with the help of Pop Belly. He was also the first person to train dolphins to detect mines underwater.

So, with the help of government, Pop Belly trained Ravens to collect audible devices and to leave the on the top of the building or roofs. Many intelligence authorities later used them to collect information from other countries.

It was a nice initiative to save human life from the traitor killing but isn’t it excruciatingly selfish ideology to use innocent animals for their spying work? What is enmity actually forcing countries to do? Killing the innocent pets who can’t even speak for themselves?

Intelligence agencies should use robotic technologies to sneak peek in other countries so that no innocent would be harmed.

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