From Dec 2020 India will not allow the River Waters to enter into Pakistan

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Resources found that an official report has been generated which is awaited to get approval from the Indian government: Indian Channel

As per Foreign media reports, India will no longer allow its share of  River Waters to flow into Pakistan from December 2020.

The Indian government set up to discontinue the flow of water from two TMC of UJH River water that branches out from the River Ravi and flows into the Indian Occupied Kashmir via Kathua District.

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Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Transport and Water Resources, passed the statement in 2019 that the Indian government had been planning to stop the flow of India’s unused share of river water towards Pakistan and for that 3 three dams will be constructed in Uttarakhand.

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In September 1960 Indus Waters Treaty was signed, which was arranged by the World Bank. The agreement pointed out the rules regarding the use of water flowing from the Indus River and its branches in Pakistan and India.

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The rules clearly mentioned that India will allow the flow of Ravi, Beas and Sutlej River into Pakistan, but in 2016 after the Uri attack, the Indian government decided to fasten up water projects in the region to hold down the river water from flowing across the Pakistan border.

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