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Ibsham Zahid Gets Arrested

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Lahore: The 16-year old blackmailer Ibsham Zahid has been arrested for harassing and giving rape/death threats to a young girl.

Case History:

Ibsham Zahid– is a rich Baloch brat who has been harassing and threatening a young girl from Lahore named Fatima Amir Sheikh. The boy used to stalk and pester Fatima into having sexual relations with him – To which Fatima refused vehemently. Zahid, angered by her refusal, started troubling her and giving death threats to Fatima and her family.

As per reports, Ibsham also tried to kidnap her from the park once but failed. He got nabbed recently after a social media campaign against him flung to the fullest.

Some days back, a post shared on Twitter having the explicit messages of Ibsham in which he threatened Fatima of the dire consequences. A video of him also made rounds of the social media in which the ‘bad boy’ intimidating the girl while flaunting a large cache of weapons in his room. The harasser was browbeating Fatima without having any fear.  

According to Fatima, Ibsham said that he wasn’t scared of going to jails as his father and grandfather have served prison as well. “My grandfather used to say that jails were built for menFatima quoted Zahid.

The images, videos and audio clips shared by Fatima were enough evidence to prove that Ibsham was interested in having physical relations with her, and her refusal hurt his delicate ego. He also threatened to get her father killed if she would’nt listen to him “it takes only thirty thousand rupees to get someone killed in Lahore – your father will be gone” reads one of Ibsham’s messages.

According to his sister Maroosh, Ibsham is suffering from mental illness. Maroosh Minhaj claimed that Zahid was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and highly emotionally unstable. This statement was rejected by Fatima who called Maroosh a liar and an opportunist who is trying to safe his brother behind fake excuses.

The Power of Social Media:

This incident create a massive uproar on social media – Various activists including Pakistani actor Feroze Khan have joined the cause and ask authorities to get Ibsham Zahid Behind The Bars, before he succeed in fleeing to Dubai

Today, the efforts of social media users have finally paid off . Law Enforcement Agencies arrest Ibsham Zahid along with his father. The CCPO Lahore, Umar Sheikh got praised by Minister, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chauhan for taking immediate actions against the culprit.

Twitteratis Reaction On Ibsham Zahid Case.

The quickly this issue got fixed by the local government was commendable, but remember, justice hasn’t been served yet. We hope that this story wouldn’t end here and Ibsham would not get away without being hold convicted and serving punishment for his ill deeds.

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Maya SH

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