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Indian Police Assaulted ‘Sikh’ Man – Grabbed By Hairs on Road

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Madhya Pradesh: On Thursday, Local police of Barwani, in Rajpur Tehsil, brutally assaulted a Sikh man in front of hundreds of people. Police grabbed the turbaned man by ‘hairs’ and dragged him on the road. Reports 

According to the information, A Sikh man identified as Giani Prem Singh has been brutally assaulted by the local police officers after an argument between the family of the victim and police over setting up a stall.

The video of this incident goes viral in which Prem Singh was being savagely dragged in full public view by the policemen, where one cop was pulling him by his hairs. Later the police shows pushed another turbaned man who came to rescue Prem Singh who was also a Gurdwara Granthi – Custodian at Gurdwara.

The victim Prem Singh, who is a locksmith and earns his bread by running a small shack near the police check post stated that the policemen beat him for not paying them a bribe to let him run his small work.

“I had only Rs 200, so could not pay them. I can never forgive them. They have insulted my ‘kesh’(hairs).” Singh told the reporters.

This incident took place on Thursday but the video goes viral on Friday and triggered the outrage amongst the Sikh Community along with different sectors of society. As the uproar becomes intolerable, Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan had to announce the suspension of the two policemen involved in the incident. Several other Sikh members of different parties expressed great infuriation over this ‘barbarism’ held by MP Police.

The president of Shiromani Akali Dal, Sukhbir Singh Badal expressed his anger in a tweet. 

 “Too shocking for words. The barbaric and humiliating attack on Gyani Prem Singh Granthi and other Sikhs in Madhya Pradesh is utterly inhuman and unacceptable. I urge CM Shivraj Singh to set an example of punitive action against those who treat the ‘sword’ of the nation with such contempt,” said Sukhbir Singh Badal

Minister of Union, Harsimrat Kaul Badal tweeted “Beastly attack on Giani Prem Singh and other Sikhs in MP is an outrage against humanity. Utterly reprehensible & unacceptable! Sikhs all over the world are deeply shocked”

After this incident, Sikh recorded protests in several districts of Madhya Pradesh. Indrajeet Singh Chawla president of the committee of Gurudwara Prabhandhak, Khargone said “Prem Singh is the Granthi of Palsud Gurudwara and we want immediate action against those who have insulted the sacred ‘kesh’ in such brutal manner”.

For all those who don’t know, Kesh (hairs) are sacred to Sikhs like anything. They mostly keep them covered and don’t even like to have a haircut, because they consider it as a God’s gift to the human being. Back in Mughal Times, during the persecution of Sikhs, the Sikh men were ready to face death rather than shave or cut their hairs.

Until now, India’s barbarism and brutality were confined to the Muslim Community, but it seems under the BJP regime, the sword of death is hanging on all the minorities despite their religion.

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