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Is Motorway Police Involved In Mother’s Rape?

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The woman who was the victim of the motorway rape case gave details of the incidents that happened to her. She said that she would not be surprised if her presence there was reported.

The victim spoke to private TV anchor Fareeha Idrees. Fareeha Idrees shared the details of the entire conversation with the victim on Twitter.

According to Fareeha Idrees, the victim said that as soon as she stopped the car, she called the motorway police on 130, who called me at a local number and asked for help. I also called this number and explained my location to them. It’s impossible for me to remember everything after the trauma I went through, well I must have had to wait more than 1 hour.

Fareeha Idrees wrote that the victim said that the kind of windows in the car I was in, no one can guess from the outside that I am alone in the car, suddenly the unknown appeared in front of them both towards my car. They had a pistol in their hand. They broke the car window. They took my 2-year-old son out and dragged him away, so I ran after him.

“At that time, I was only concerned with my children. I tried to stop a passing car. I hoped for help. I hoped the car would stop and I would get relief, but the car did not stop,” she said. , They tortured my children and beat me too, my son’s shoes came off and my mobile phone fell under the car seat which was later found.

Then they started dragging me and my children into the forest, I was reassuring my children that I was fine and reciting prayers and telling the children to recite prayers too, pulling us in. My bag fell from the people in which I had a bracelet which cost up to Rs. 5 lakhs. She and other items worth up to Rs. 1 lakhs came out of the bag.

The victim added that they were so calm that they did not care about the arrival of the police, what they were doing seemed to be a regular plan, by which time the police might have been informed. It must have been an hour and a half, they were confident in what they were doing, I would not be surprised if I was told that there was an informant for this incident.

When I contacted my relatives, I was surrounded by police, and they were pressuring me not to leave without medical treatment,” he said.

A close friend of the woman who arrived said she was in such a bad condition that she looked like a frightened hen, her eyes were wide open and she was trembling.

“I was very sorry when the police told me that my identity had been leaked. I haven’t eaten properly since that day. I couldn’t talk at all on the first day. Now I’m able to talk,” she said.

Fareeha Idrees said that I assured them that the whole country stands by you, don’t be ashamed at all, we will do our part to bring your criminals to justice.

Sobia Umair

Sobia Umair

Housewife and mom blogger

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