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Dr. Maha Case: Junaid Khan Escapes In ‘Rickshaw’

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Karachi: Court dismiss the bail appeal of the main accused in Dr. Maha Shah’s case, Junaid Khan. Made Khan Escapes Away In Rickshaw. 

Junaid Khan’s Rickshaw Breakout

The infamous Dr.Maha Shah case has taken the ugly turn since the victim’s voice note and messages have been leaked by her sister. Which was initially looking like a suicide, turned out as an upshot of a long going trauma and depression caused by the close fellows of the young doctor, Waqas and Junaid Khan

Recently, during the hearing of the bail plea in Dr. Maha Case, the court rejected the appeal of both offenders, Khan and Waqas after which both fled away from the spot.

Junaid and Waqas both caught in the camera eye running away from the court premises. The main accused Junaid Khan took the rickshaw and tried to escape when the media reached out to him.

Sitting in the Rickshaw, the culprit claimed that he had given 100,000 to the investigation officer to allow him to getaway. The culprit was agitated and was trying to escape as soon as possible. The most disgusting thing was the police which was present at the spot but not even once tried to stop them.

Junaid Khan – Main Culprit Of Dr. Maha Shah Case

Junaid Khan and Waqas were accused of harassing, raping, and molesting Maha Shah. His father and sister lodged an FIR against both the culprits in which Junaid Khan was the main accused in light of Maha’s voice notes and messages.

A day before the hearing, local police filed the interim charge sheet in the case against the weapon owner. As per challan, accused Saad Nasir sold his licensed 9mm pistol to Tabish Yaseen for 55,000 on 12th July, who later gave it to Dr.Maha a month ago. This was the weapon which was used in suicide by Dr. Maha Shah

Talking to the media, the devastated father of Dr. Maha, Syed Asif Ali Shah expresses his fear of these culprits will soon take to the air. He said that if they can escape from the court, they will try to escape from the country as well. He still was hopeful that justice will be served to his deceased daughter and those culprits would face the sentence for mentally torturing and abusing a young girl.

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