Mehwish Hayat slams Tarek Fatah for not fact-checking before tweeting a scene from Load Wedding

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Actor Mehwish Hayat schooled Pakistani-Canadian columnist and full-time Twitter troll Tarek Fatah for misrepresenting a scene from her 2018 film Load Wedding.

Tarek Fatah, who is known for regularly tweeting and making media appearances in which he rails against Pakistan and Islam, posted a video on his Twitter in which a woman is seen refusing a polio worker’s request to inoculate her child.

“It’s a scene from my movie Load Wedding, the polio worker is me and that woman an actress. Through the film we were raising awareness of hte issue. Glad to see our performances were so convincing,” wrote Mehwish.

Tarek didn’t acknowledge his error nor Mehwish’s correction or any of the hundreds of people calling him out, for that matter. He did, however, delete his tweet around midday, which may be just as well.

Twitter was quick to fact-check him though.

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