Pakistan will consider India’s attempt to divert water flow an act of aggression: FO

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Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal on Thursday said Pakistan had “exclusive rights” over three Western rivers, adding that any attempt by India to divert the flow of these rivers would be considered an “act of aggression”.

While addressing a weekly press briefing, the FO spokesperson was asked a question regarding Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks to stop water flowing to Pakistan.

According to Times of India, addressing a rally, Modi had said his government would stop the water flowing to Pakistan and divert it to Haryana “as it rightfully belongs to the country and the farmers of the state”.

Dr Faisal today said: “After imposing a crushing curfew and disconnecting the Kashmir Valley for more than two months now, some statements coming from [the] Indian leadership are another glaring example of the fact that the present government of India is bent upon making India an irresponsible, aggressive state that has no regard for human rights or international obligations.”

The FO spokesperson said that Pakistan had “exclusive rights” over the waters of three Western rivers under the Indus Water Treaty.

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