PAKVENT-1: India Got Some Serious Burns

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2020 was one terrible year for all the humans living on this planet. Starting from some really bad news like the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Wildfire and an unfortunate crash of the Ukrainian aircraft, killing all the 176 passengers on board, it proved that this isn’t going to go easy on us. The worst thing that happened this year so far that literally changed the way of life of the entire world was Corona Virus; an epidemic that has killed over 500,000 patients till now and still is dying on the daily basis. It’s a contagious deadly disease that transmits to one human to another via the breath.

The situation of Covid19 in Pakistan is no different from the others. 4,304 deaths and over 209k people are infected with this deadly disease in Pakistan.

The hospitals are working day and night to give patients the treatment they required but due to the large numbers of cases reporting every day, it’s becoming hard and hard for all the hospitals to offer proper medical assistance to all the patients. One thing that serious COVID patients require is Ventilator. When COVID attacks the lungs severely, it becomes hard for the patient to breathe properly and needs respirators or ventilators to survive.

What Is A Ventilator And How Does It Work?

Ventilator also called a breathing machine or respirator is a machine that supports breathing for the patients who aren’t able to breathe on their own. It releases oxygen into the lungs and removes carbon dioxide from the body to help the sufferer breathe easily.

It is also used during surgeries when the patient is under general anesthesia or under the treatment for some serious lung disease that affects normal breathing. Some people need to use ventilators for a long period of time.

It uses pressure to blow air into the lungs which are called positive pressure. The amount of oxygen that is required for the patient can be controlled by the monitor connected to the ventilator. Patients usually exhale the breath by themselves but in severe cases, this job is done by the ventilator as well. Due to the ongoing Covid19 conditions in Pakistan, hospitals are going low on ventilators, and importing then was no more a solution as we need A LOT OF THEM. Hence the ministry of science and technology stepped up its game and came out with a thrilling revelation.

Ministry of Science and Technology Pakistan,  With the help of expert PMO and PEC  Engineers, has successfully developed Pakistan’s first indigenously made ventilator to combat COVID19; PAKVENT-1

PAKVENT-1 – A Milestone Have Been Achieved

The making of PAKVENT-1 is a huge accomplishment for the PTI Government and the people of Pakistan. It’s a major leap in technology undertaken by Pakistan in such a short time. With this, Pakistan is now standing amongst few countries producing their own vents.

It was jointly developed by NESCOM, PMO, and Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) in a limited timeframe which is truly commendable.

The minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhary said “there was an urgent need to locally manufacture ventilators due to the rising numbers of Coronavirus around the world that has made an import of the ventilator a difficult task”

“We are looking to initially manufacture 500 ventilators on priority to deal with Corona Virus emergency. The prototype of the machine has been successfully tested in the Indus Hospital Karachi, and once the ventilators will be manufactured, they will be available all over Pakistan. The price of this indigenously manufactured ventilator will be three times less than the imported ones.” said Fawad Chaudhary.

He also said that Pakistan is doing its research on COVID19 and soon will release the research paper. According to the resources, NUST is also working on the COVID19 vaccines and Disinfectant drones.

India Seems Like Having Some Digestion Issues:

Today, PAKVENT-1 has now become operational in many hospitals of Pakistan and Pakistanis are celebrating big time.

Whereas on the other hand our dear neighbor, India is facing a hard time. After being collapsed by Covid19, thrashed by China and exposed by the Media, India is badly injured in every mean. Before Pakistan, India tried to make ventilators but according to the results, this TRY is gonna go for long.

And after “Made in Pakistan” is trending and the news of the successful development of PAKVENT-1is circulating, it seems like India is facing difficulty in breathing. Neighbors, who were already on fire on the failure of their foolproof plan of attacking PSX through BLA, this news has fueled methane gas inside their lungs, and they are not hesitant to show the Irritation they are having after this news. This deserves an applause.

Yeah, you shouldn’t run in this race.
Unfortunately, We Left All Our Precious Donkeys In India… Million Dollar Plan Failed
I’m Sorry To Interrupt But Its not Chandrayan or AGNI I and III,,,!!!

This is not the only one but India has failed in many projects before like the trials of the famous AGNI II and AGNI III which goes totally wrong.

Now This Is Called Honesty… !!! By the way, the image you used is Made In Pakistan as well

Well, I know its fine, everybody fails in something and I’m not pointing to that. My problem is with the behavioral issues of the Indians. They have got inflated with so much useless pride that even after being popped many times, they are still keeping their position of a huge giant balloon by keeping their hands in the air (horizontally). My problem is with the hatred they are filled with, my problem is with the inhumane racist and supremacist mentality of Indians which makes them looked down the other human beings as insects or animals.

Pakistan is struggling to get on its feet even after drowned in debt for long. We are trying to get over the loss we had due to the extreme terrorism activities we faced and battled in the past and still standing in the fighting zone battling terrorist elements created by India, directly or indirectly. So yes, it’s our right to celebrate our achievements even if it results in making some neighbors mad or constipated.

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