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Teacher suspended for having ‘sexy-figure’: Lahore

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When was the last time you heard about people getting banned for some specific reason? Not so long ago, right? People keep getting banned for either doing unethical things or unacceptable things.

Be it sports, the entertainment industry, or educational institutes, there are a lot of areas where people keep getting banned, and lifting the ban is never easy.
But this time, something is really disturbingly different happened.

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A Teacher lost her job for some crazy reason by a local school’s administration. By reading the title, you have already figured out that this teacher got banned for being too sexy. Yes, too sexy. Let’s find out what exactly happened and who ruled out this ban.

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Her name is Aasia Zubair. She is 28 years old married woman and is working as a teacher for the last 6 years. On Tuesday, 11th of August, 2020, she was fired from her position on the basis of being ‘too sexy’ to teach students of secondary education.

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Aasia took to Twitter and criticized the management for sacking her on the basis of extremely absurd reason.

Aasia stated ‘So Apparently I received a termination letter from my school
administrator stating that my body is too ‘fit’ or ‘erotic’ for me to
teach secondary education students. We usually
wear decent shalwar kameez with dupatta at our school &
I’ve no idea what else they wanted from me? Ridiculous

According to Aasia, teachers normally wear decent outfit during their duty timings in the school and even if that does not help then what else could they be doing to satisfy the school management?

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Pakistan direly needs federal anti-discrimination framework legislation in line with the core ILO Conventions and CEDAW. Such legislation should prohibit discrimination on the ground of sex, age, religion, disability, trade union membership, etc, and ensure equal pay. The anti-discrimination legislation should also consider issues of violence and harassment at workplace, and treat these as occupational health and safety issues.

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Though laws can help in attitudinal change, these are not enough to create inclusive and gender equitable labour markets. Legislative efforts need to be complemented with sufficient budgetary allocations for departments/institutions tasked with the enforcement of legislation, vibrant labour inspection system, dissuasive penalties, increased awareness of workers about their rights, access to enforcement mechanisms and protections of workers against victimisation.

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The problem with Aasia is not something unusual in a country where women are genuinely oppressed. We have many cases where girls are neglected and discouraged when it comes to working outside their homes.

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The women of Pakistan have always experienced disadvantage relative to men of the same class. Social and cultural factors have reduced the number of women entering the job market. Throughout the history of Pakistan, women have suffered a lot of unnecessary restrictions due to the misconceptions of Islam.

Women are brought up to believe they should stay within the four walls of
their homes and avoid any contact with men they are not related to. These
misconceptions are still prevalent in society, and women, particularly
working women, face lots of problems.

This is not just the subject of discreet debate; these days it is a topic arousing impassioned argument and ideological fervor. Nor is the controversy limited just to the Muslim population: everyone has an opinion.

Dr. Faryal Rao

Dr. Faryal Rao

Full time mother, part time blogger.

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There are 21 comments

  1. Avatar

    Islam is a divine r.eligion. It is not something which is dependent upon our interpretations, what each one of us thinks and makes out of it’s statements. It is something which has to be followed as stated by Allah swt and described by His Prophet saww. Women are oppressed due to this similar kind of self assessment of Islam. This does not mean that the religion is wrong, it’s the people who have derived meanings of their own choice. As far as this teacher is concerned, she does have a provoking figure and while she’s in the classroom she would be quite distracting for her students especially boys of secondary level.

    1. Avatar

      Assalamualaikum I am a descipline incharge at a private school in Rawalpindi. My dear brothers and sisters… The matter is very serious..this is a huge problem especially in modern schools … revealing clothing has and leaves a devastating and long lasting damage on a child’s psychology that is permanent beyond repair combined with pornography which is freely available online and the children resort to when the are exposed to such environments for long periods of time to satisfy their early developing desires. Some teachers especially females act so irresponsibily without thinking the harm they leave the child with while wearing such dresses and it’s not limited to that..most of us know a lot more happens but nobody speaks about it as our society has become so cold hearted and selfish. I have had many interactions with children especially of class 9 and 10 who share their experiences and thoughts about female teachers which gave me a sad insight into their questioning mind about such things which they should know quite later naturally but they are exposed to earlier. The menace has not spared the lower classes even up to grade 5. Male teachers are also responsible like wise for harming female students but the ratio is less as more female teachers are there in most private schools than males. We have other problems as well like sheesha and electronic cigarettes etc.. we have no hope for our youth to think about and no direction given to them as we are resorting to more materialism …all because we lost our religious values and their respect…we can’t blame our children …. obviously who is to blame then… Teachers and parents as well and our society along government…no body is owning their fault and responsibility… We are harming our children … The only way is to uphold our religious values. We must not harm others in any way especially our innocent children …or we will make a cold hearted senseless society like America and Europe …look at the news with similar articles …they are being suffocated by their own doing and we are following them. We first should start with our selves and stop ourselves from causing harm to others by our actions and be not cold hearted and selfish.

  2. Avatar

    Great decision taken by the management of that institution cause its
    ISLAMIC republic of PAKISTAN
    And as the question of men arises
    I havnt seen any of the male teachers reveling their body to their students

  3. Avatar

    I think its a good decision taken by management salwar qameez and dupata does not grantee for decend clothing. Clothing should be decend means it should cover ur body in a way that u should not attract others. Be modest and decent so your student follow you dont be like your student want to have affair with u.

  4. Avatar

    Well … I think that first of all the school management should have officially warned Mrs. Assia Zubair even if it was such a case. But to fire someone without being prior intimation is not only unethical but beyond the norms of Standard Operating Procedures.

    I sincerely feel that Mrs. Zubair must file a law suit against that school or seek her husband’s support in this particular case.

    I also smell some kind of personal vendetta from the part of that school management.

  5. Avatar

    Firing the teacher on the basis of being too sexy is cruelty. She should have warned about such an outfit. She would have made her dress socially acceptable.

    1. Avatar

      If the head of school who fired was a male, a thorough inquiry must be made. Could be the person made a pass at her for which she refused. I agree that a warning should have been given if realistic case,. How long was she employed before this decision was taken. If an year or more why not action takenearlier.

  6. Avatar

    OMG….very bad decision by school..
    But if first picture in this post is how the madam dresses decently I pity thd scondary school students. Adrenaline rushing, testosterone spiking and wanting to get out of school and going home as soon as possible

  7. Avatar

    First of all, see this woman’s picture with this news. Who took that photograph? Of course, even the decent clothes show some irresponsibility when it comes to hiding the body but this picture shows that the woman was very much aware of the picture being taken. Just look at the sweat clad revealing clothes. Also, below, look at the dp she is using on her comment (tweet) below.
    Obviously the school administration must have given her warnings about her dressing but she turned a deaf ear to that thinking, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”.
    From the level of her English, it is apparent that she was not teaching in a school of LGS or beaconhouse level. I think she should not waste her talent for twenty or thirty thousand a month. There is a bright future waited for her; starting from modeling

  8. Avatar

    Is ko waqai he suspend karnay chahiye tha or banday ko to nikal he daina chahiye tha jis nay isko rakha hai
    Is ko No or know k beach MN farak he nai pata

  9. Avatar

    They must give her some junior class .
    Relieving from job due to this reason is cruel. She is a woman and can’t do anything for her figure, rather must be proud of her body.
    If school is too much concerned, they must arrange male teacher. A female body can provoke a male student any time in class. If not 90% chances as may be in this case, there remains 80, 70 or 60% chances still for the students.

  10. Avatar

    It is good decision but there 2 main reasons. secondary student are not mectured in sexual knowledge so, it will reason for sexual harassment.
    2. Give a chance for his talent. Not for her body shape.

  11. Avatar

    Good decision ! vulgarities must b prohibited. Being a teacher she has to respect the feelings and trust of the parents who leave their beloved children in hands of school managements.

  12. Avatar

    How could she expose her self infront of the young students.A teacher is character builder not a spoiler…… Teachers are like parents and will any mother Expose herself infront of her 17yrs old son????
    Will you??????

  13. Avatar

    Absolutely correct decision. This is called ‘nip in the bud’. If men can be charged of harassment, why not women for inviting a harassment!!


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