Teenager Committed Suicide: Police Demands Ban on PUBG

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Player Unknown Battleground aka known as PUBG has taken down the whole world under the Royale madness of online battle. It has gained immense popularity over a short period of time and now has become a craze amongst teenagers and youngsters. Gamers spend their whole day holding a mobile phone in their hands and killing ENEMIES along with their teammates. It is undoubtedly one captivating game that makes you forget about other things in life and this is where the concern raised. Kids and teenagers are getting an addict to this game. The most famous game around the world is direly affecting the mental health of kids and provoking them in taking extreme steps.  

Teen Commits Suicide after Not Completing “TASK” in Player Unknown Battleground:

Lahore: Muhammad Zakarya 16, a young kid of a businessman Wajid Sohail, has committed suicide on Monday by hanging himself from the fan for not completing a task in PUBG. Police found his mobile phone with the PUBG game at that time near his body. Zakarya’s family said that he was an addict of online gaming and used to spend the whole day playing PUBG. His father tried to stop him from playing this game many times, but he did not listen. Police state that this was a clear case of addiction where a boy fell into depression for not completing an assigned task in the game on time and took an extreme step. Imagine what kind of pressure it must be that made a 16-year-old boy take his own life? And this is not the only accident that took place in Pakistan. Before that, two more kids from Lahore have been allegedly committed suicide after being stopped by parents from playing PUBG. The pattern in both suicides was the same. Both were scolded and suspended by their parents from binge gaming. Not only this but PUBG has caused many deaths and suicide worldwide, including India, due to the behavioral changes after getting into violent stimuli fights. Punjab Police took an action and calls for a lifetime ban on this deadly game. Ashfaq Khan, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Lahore has decided to write a letter to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to take immediate action against PUBG and ban it all over Pakistan.

What is PUBG?

Players Unknown Battleground is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game that was launched in March 2017 by PUBG Corporation which is a branch of the renowned Korean video games company Bluehole. Battle Royale has become a genre in the game after the famous Japanese Movie Battle Royale. Battle Royale games are survival games based on last-man-standing LMS game theory, where you must kill the other enemy gamers in a deathmatch to win. This includes shooting, fighting, exploration, scavenging elements, and a race to stay alive till the end. As being a multiplayer game it allows you to connect to the hundred and thousands of gamers from around the globe. In this game, you are left on an isolated island along with other players, and to survive you must get the ammunition and other surviving kits. This game consists of looting, the violent killing of enemies, and the blatant use of different arms, and this is why it is an alarming situation for the parents and guardians of young addict gamers.

The Negative Impacts of Battle Royale Games On Human Brain:

Scientists have found that PUBG and other famous addictive Battle Royale videogames like Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Minecraft’s effects on human brains are similar to alcohol or drug abuse. It is said that the reward system of the young gamers has the same mutation in structure as those addicted to drugs. Games like PUBG are long been under scrutiny for being an aggressive and extreme violent game that can easily trigger truculent thoughts and behavior, especially in kids and teenagers. Some of the negative effects mentioned by experts and Psychologists are mentioned above:

Lack of Sleep:

Binge gaming before sleep can disrupt your brain resting time and cause you to have less or disturbed sleep, nightmares, or fatigue throughout the day.

Anxiety and Depression:

One of the most dangerous effects of these games on the brain is anxiety and depression. Stimulation games like these can weaken your mind’s ability to differentiate between reality and imagination. Your body starts to react to the fake situations created in the game as if it does to the real ones. For suppose you are running from an enemy in the game, your heart will start racing and the anxiety will take over you completely. This is why a kid as young as 16 years old couldn’t take the pressure of failing in-game, because his mind portrayed the whole scenario as real. The post anxiety of losing and depression of getting fail in the game was similar to failing in the exams and that exhaustion and frustration caused by that become the reason for his death.

Bad Physical Health As Well As Mental:

Yes, binge gaming can cause your bad physical health. Often young gamers spend more than 10 hours on the mobile phone which can cause them bad posture, neck and spine issues, pain in the frontal lobe, and weak eyesight. Some gamers even experience fatigue and dizziness after spending a lot of time holding mobile phones. Some other bad physical effects are obesity, migraine, and pain in the back and neck.

Less Interaction with Society:

Excessive time spent on games makes you less socially active. You, forgetting about the real world indulge yourself in an imaginary world. You quit going out, meeting with people socializing because you can never stop playing.

Behavioral Changes:

Exposing for long in a stimulation game causes your brain to accept it as real. This is why even when you are not playing a violent game, your brain is still inclined towards the same violence and aggressiveness you show and see in games. Like how little kids, after watching an action movie apply those stunts on their toys or little siblings, similarly, violent games silently mutate your ability to thing and make you perform aggressive actions in real life you did in an imaginary one.

 Video Games have been a part of kids for decades but never such incidents occurred before because back in time the games used to come in form of CDS and DVD which didn’t allow your body to move, therefore making your body tired and ask for rest. Whereas now you can move any and everywhere while playing. You can now play while eating while taking a bath while socializing and even to the exams. The rates of suicides related to online gaming are increasing day by day which is one dangerous sign. Please, keep an eye on your children and try to counsel them if required, so that no parents would have to lose their babies to some lethal game.

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