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Why Expelling Pervez Hoodbhoy Was A Good Decision?

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Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, is a renowned and acclaimed Nuclear Physicist, activist, and author. He served at Forman Christian College as Zohra and ZZ Ahmed Foundation Distinguished Professor for Mathematics and Physics and previously was a part of Quaid e Azam University (QAU) for more than 30 years as a professor. Recently he made it to the news but unfortunately not for good reasons. The FC College, Lahore where he was recently serving as a lecturer has refused to renew his contract and therefore asked him to leave the institution. In the past, The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has also expelled him by not renewing his contract, and co-incidence is nowhere to be found. Everything happens for a reason, and here reason lies in his past and present activities. But before talking about his affairs, let me tell you a little bit about his history.  


Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy was born on 19 July 1950 to an Ismaili family. Raised in Karachi, Sindh, Dr. Hoodbhoy completed his early education from Karachi Grammar School after which he attended O and A-levels and swept through. He later earned a scholarship for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, from where he pursued in double BSc in Electrical Engineer and Mathematics in 1971 followed by an MS in Physics with a concentration in solid-state Physics in 1973. Dr. Hoodbhoy is an author of two well-acclaimed books named “Islam and Science: Religious Orthodoxy” and “The Battle for Rationality”. He also received several awards including The Abdus Salam Prize for Mathematics, UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the popularization of Science, and Burton Award from American Physical Society. He was also invited for professorships at MIT, University Of Maryland, and Stanford Linear Collider.

Pakistan always seeks forward to join hands with Intellectuals and it should have been an honor to work with a man who earned so much respect nationwide and has been acclaimed for his services to the faculty of Science and Physics. But despite all his notability and fame, he is called off from the two renowned and respected institutions and that cannot be just a coincidence. The reason behind not renewing his contract was his Anti-State and Secular Modernist approach.   

Religion Vs Reason: Pervez Hoodbhoy Battle To Prove Superiority of Science over Islam:

The state of Pakistan respects Scientists, Intellects, and People of Intelligentsia and always eager to work with them, but not on the cost of the young minds being strayed away from their religion or roots. Hoodbhoy is said to be converted to Sunni Islam from Ismailism, and hence became an Atheist after reading Bertrand Russel and Charles Darwin. In an interview, he said that his father was an Ismaili but wasn’t comfortable with the Agha Khani system. He believed it was exploitive and hence he and his siblings haven’t grown up as the rest of his cousins. The elements of rebellion in his blood grew further and one day he claimed in front of his family that Agha Khan is a fraud. However, later on, he got involved in the Islamic practices and teaching until one day he started reading to Bernard Shaw and later Bertrand Russell and he got lost to “all good things”.

Well, the fact to be stated, Dr. Hoodbhoy is under influenced by Darwin’s Theories to the extent that out of his knowledge, he has become a Social Darwinist. A cult that believes in “survival of the fittest”. It based on the idea that whoever is strong is because he/she is innately better. It is a theory used to JUSTIFY racism and social inequality. He believed that the Muslim’s belief about divine creation is utterly false, and one should believe in Darwin’s theory of Evolution. He also mocked people of Pakistan in an interview by saying that “Pakistanis are taught to hate Charles Darwin and school teachers or university professors often skips the subject”, which is a false and disgusting statement. Pakistani students usually begin to learn about Darwin as early as 12th Grade, and not only that, they also learn about Neo-Darwinism, Evidence of Evolution, and Artificial and Natural selection in detail.

His Craze for the Theories Of Charles Darwin:

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy claimed in an interview that “Darwinian Selection is as fundamental to Biology as Newton’s Law is to Physics. Without Darwinian selection, one can’t even begin to understand microbial host’s interaction, the evolution of Pathogens, or start developing drugs and vaccines”. These statements were made by Hoodbhoy, which unfortunately aren’t true and the proof is a renowned Physicist Edward Jenner, who created a vaccine in the 10th century against smallpox, 13 years before Darwin’s birth, and thus gave the world the idea of the modern-day vaccine. Today many Modern Day Philosophers and Biologists are raising voice against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and those are, interestingly atheists. However, Dr. Hoodbhoy doesn’t seem to be affected by the Darwin-against views and came up with his theory saying Corona Virus is a debt for Pakistan for rejecting Charles Darwin for long.

Hoodbhoy’s Abhorrence against the Two-Nation Theory:

Dr. Hoodbhoy has always been an active critique of Islamic laws and Pakistan. During many of his lectures and interviews, he proved himself as a denier and an opponent of the making of Pakistan and Jinnah’s two-nation theory. Speaking at a Cultural festival in Karachi, he lambasted the founder of the nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He claimed that Pakistan is in a state of confusion because it was born in confusion. He said that the theory of Jinnah behind the division of Pakistan was that there are only two nations that live on this subcontinent which are mutually hostile and can never live in peace and Muslims must form a separate nation that is nonsensical. He also said that Jinnah had no idea what Pakistan was supposed to be, he never wrote a single research paper or essay. He also stated two-nation theory as “nonsense”.

Dr.Pervez censured the iconic Professor Abdul Qadeer Khan many times for his academic research on Nuclear Physics. He always criticized the Government of Pakistan and the institutions for working poorly and not standing up to the mark as the states of India and Bangladesh. Simultaneously, you would see India coming out in his support and making filthy moves to discredit Pakistan.

On the other hand, Government of Pakistan, without causing any disgrace to Dr. Hoodbhoy or tarnishing his image, have politely taken an excuse from him by taking the blame on themselves that they don’t have enough resources to entertain Dr.Pervez Hoodbhoy, despite all his ill-intentions which was being observed by the state since long. Because Pakistan always respects and regards his Teachers, Professors, or any intellect giving knowledge to their Nation, but if the question is to protect our youth from such deviated scholars, then we fear no one but ALLAH and will go beyond the formed lines to defend our future.

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