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Why Self-Medication Is A Potential Threat To Life?

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From the past some years, this world has experienced many type of diseases and medical conditions. Some were even new to mankind as well like Ebola, Dengue, and the current going Pandemic Coronavirus, which is making everyone crazy and psychotic. People are afraid. Afraid of everything they are coming across. Rather than taking safety measures and keeping oneself safe, people are panicking and doing things they aren’t supposed to. People are overusing hand sanitizer, some even applying it on their faces to keep it clean which is wrong and dangerous as it can cause eye irritation. Some people have started taking some herbs which they HEARD are good in COVID19 and just taking some doses of it can prevent you from this lethal disease. That herb named Sennahmukki (Cassia Angustifolia) is an Ayurveda herb which uses as a laxative and to treat skin problems. Whoever attempted this, faced severe episodes of diarrhea that eventually caused weakness, dehydration and made them more vulnerable towards disease.

Then someone suddenly come out with a remedy of garlic mixed with onion, which also got flopped. Hence, everyone has become Drs. and Ayurveda experts nowadays. This is not new basically. People, especially in India and Pakistan are more interested in treating literally every illness with home remedies. They believe there’s nothing in this world that cannot be treated by Ayurveda or a Homeopathic medicine.

Yes, I know that Ayurveda or Homeopathy has proved out to be amazing in some ailments but if everything could have been treated this way, there would be no need for hospitals or general physicians.

 Everyone needs to understand that you cannot treat every disease at home. Even if you have been through the same thing which now your younger brother is suffering from, still you CANNOT use the same medicines on him which was earlier prescribed by your Dr. for you. Maybe his body isn’t capable of taking heavy drugs or certain things that don’t suit him which only an EXPERT can tell you. Those who are addicted to doing self-medications, this is why you should STOP it right away.

Risks Of Self Medication Practices:

Self-medication, without knowing certain issues can cause serious troubles to health or can be fatal as well. Here’s the list of the things that can happen to you if you self-medicate without proper assistance from an expert.

Incorrect Self Diagnosis:

If anything happens, the first thing this generation does is to open Google and check out for the symptoms. This is one of the most ignorant practices of the present world. Symptoms can be the same in many conditions but to found out what you’re suffering from is not easy by just taking some MCQs online. A person suffering from viral infections will search for his symptoms and end up searching for remedies for Cancer. This has to stop now because this can makes you panic and will lead you to perform illicit experiments on yourself.

Delays In Seeking Medical Attention:

Back in days, it was turned out that over 3% of people who died from COVID in Pakistan, was because they didn’t seek medical attention on time. The patients are being kept at home discreetly, and several practices and local treatment are being performed on them until they passed out and caretakers left with nothing but to seek medical attention. Attendants take the patient to the hospital under critical conditions and protest their souls out if something unfortunate happens to him/her, putting all the blame on hospital administration for not being competent enough. This practice is not only limited to COVID but besides this people widely believe in taking medical assistance only when it’s needed or should I say when situation slips out of their hands.

Dangerous Drug Interaction:

Taking medicines without a prescription is as lethal as taking drugs, but only a few people are aware of it. Here in Pakistan, pain killers are being taken as a candy, anti-allergies are being commonly used for treating any type of skin allergy and even Antibiotics, which should ONLY be used over prescription, have become a common medicine to treat Flu and this is all happening without any proper medical assistance or know-how. It is because of the easy availability of Medicines in India and Pakistan. All over the world, the over the counter medicines are those which can be acquired for general flu, fever, or other non-serious issues without a prescription. But here in some Asian countries, you can even buy sleeping pills and other dangerous drugs over-the-counter as well. Another nonsense practice is taking the medicines suggested by the Pharmacist. I know pharmacists know best about the drugs but it’s not their job to SUGGEST medicines otherwise they would have been sitting in the hospital and not in a store.

Adverse Reactions Of Taking Wrong Therapy Or Medications:

Sometimes you start with a minor cough and end up having something worse. It is because you believe in search engines more than a Dr. For example, a few years back I heard the news that an attendant of a Dengue patient gave him laxatives to wash off their system, which end up in eventually killing him as his body could not afford dehydration. We all know how important is to stay hydrated in Dengue as the plasma count decreases day by day, now imagine how painful death he must have died, just because of the negligence of an ignorant person? There are several cases of adverse reactions by taking wrong medications which some resulting in immediate death. Everyone needs to understand that our body functions are not as simple as your common sense. Just because you think it will work, it won’t. Even if you Googled it many times and all the symptoms were indicating towards something, still there is an 80% chance that you are wrong.

Risk of Drug Dependence and Abuse:

Drug dependence usually refers to a physical condition in which a body adapts to the presence of the drug. If a person with drug dependency stops taking the drugs suddenly, he or she will have to face the severe consequences called withdrawal syndrome. Drug dependency usually reported in patients taking sedatives or sleeping pills without prescription. Some even fail to sleep on their own after withdrawing the drug, other faces major depressive episode.

Senior citizen female holding bottles of prescription medicine sitting in a wheelchair.

They say that treat your body like a temple and not a woodshed, and I believe one should honor this physical temple that houses our soul by eating healthfully, exercising, listening to our body needs and treat it with the dignity it claims.

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