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19-years Old Commits Suicide after Father Delays University Fees

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Student life is the most critical and crucial stage of life, they say, but in Pakistan, it’s way tougher than you think. Here, students do not only carry a load of studies but also the burden of expectation banked on by family, friends, and society.

As most of the students in Pakistan come from middle to lower class families, so the pressure to get a good education, in order to have a brighter future for themselves is a lot higher, and sometimes this relentless pressure becomes a reason for their untimely deaths. Within this context, appalling news reported from Karachi, which put many heads to shame.

19-Years Old Student Commits Suicide after Father Delays University Fees

Another student got succumbed to the brutal and biased education system of Pakistan. On Thursday, Hammad, a 19-years old student committed suicide near the UP Morr area, Karachi. According to the reports, the young student was disheartened after he was unable to manage the fee for his admission to the NED University.

The father of the victim said that Hammad passed his intermediate exams with A-Grade and was asking for admission fees for the NED University.

“It took time for us to arrange money for the admission fee,” said the grieve-stricken father of the victim. He said that Hammad was upset and was asking for the money for the last two days. “I assured him to submit the fee by Saturday but he committed suicide,” said the father.

As per details, Hammad wanted to appear for the entrance exam of Karachi’s NED University, but due to the lack of money, he couldn’t be able to sit in the examinations.

Disappointed Hammad, closed himself in his room, and committed suicide by strangling himself. This tragic incident took place in Hoor Apartments.

The police shifted the body to a nearby hospital for medico-legal formalities and launch a probe to investigate further into the matter.

In Such Circumstances Are We Capable Of Holding The Title Of Riyasat e Madina?

Suicide rates in students are burgeoning day by day and Hundreds of students have committed suicide in the past few years in Pakistan. Every time a student dies, people blame his fault that he couldn’t handle the pressure. Like we just don’t spare them even after their deaths. We throw our hands up in the air and put the entire blame on the person’s head who was a victim of this bigoted society we are part of. Hammad wanted to live, he wanted to take education in one of the best universities in Pakistan, but he couldn’t because we made it impossible for him. The inequality in the education system of Pakistan compels many underprivileged students to give up on their dreams because they cannot afford ‘quality’ education for themselves.

In Pakistan, the price of education is another determinant for parents and guardians whether to send their kids to private, public, or no education institutions at all. Despite increased enrolment and attendance, inequalities between the poor and rich persist. Due to the bad conditions of the public sector, parents are helpless to send their kids to private sectors in order to give them a better education. Moreover, all the top jobs in civil service, law, armed forces, the media, banking, and commerce sector are held by the pupil of private educational sectors.

Prime Minister Imran Khan always talks about converting Pakistan into Riyasat e Madina and the entire nation appreciates him in his stance, but here’s a question we should ask to ourselves…Are we capable enough to hold this title?

With all this injustice, bigotry, and inequality which is prevailing in our society, do we deserve to call by a state whose foundations were laid by Rasool Allah (S.A.W) on equality and justice? No, we don’t deserve it. Unfortunately, we have failed as a society.

Riyasat e Madina is a one of the biggest title. It holds the facets of honor and discipline within it and to become like one, we must have to eliminate the factors of inequality and injustice amongst us which are holding us back from becoming what we are capable of.

To become like Riyasat e Madina, we must have to free this system from bigotry and biasness, we must have to establish a system based on ‘One Law’ that doesn’t discriminate the poor from the rich, and make sure that every life is happy, secured and protected.

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