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21st June 2020: Predicted Apocalypse and Pakistan

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The Conspiracy Theorist once more played a great shot and it’s a six. They again came up with some thrilling news related to Doomsday and this time, a bit too late. Last time the Conspiracy Theorists claimed that the world is coming to an end according to The Great Mayan Calendar, on which I have questions that if they were so Great, why they didn’t predict their OWN Doomsday which happened 4000 years ago? Or the reasons that wrote their debacle like overpopulation, environmental degradation, warfare, etc? Anyways, as they were SO GREAT and great people always look ahead and not in the present so yes, it is understandable.

21st December 2012: A Big Day When Nothing Happened

So years back, a theory came out that according to the Mayan Calendars, the world is presumably going to experience the Apocalypse, Doomsday, Qayamat, Kaal, and many more things in different languages on 21 December 2012.

This news first bombarded the internet and the netizens following by most of the world sank in despair. Some actually believed it and started panicking. Some gave so much in the charity that after 2012, they were the ones asking for charity. Worship places were full and people were trying to establish their connection with the ALMIGHTY before going on a final face-off with HIM. The most searched thing on the Search Engines was “How to survive an apocalypse?” and I was wondering that are search engines going to make through? And if somehow people get the answer what would they do in an empty world? I mean it’s better to die along with the others than to survive in the world full of zombies.

Anyways, so the panic has braced the entire world. Those who were laughing and saying that “Huh, it’s all a bloody hoax” was the one who secretly started digging a tunnel in the backyard to establish their Escape Plan. The panic has reached Hollywood and they created a BIG BUDGET movie in 2009 after the possibility of HOW the world would end. Though the Movie worked well in cinemas and theaters for the perfect picturization of the expected calamity. They showed how the natural disasters will hit the world and how buildings are going to fall, when in reality not even an over-boozed old fellow, tripped over a banana peel fell that day. Maybe they should have named it after APOCALYPSE, so they would have had a strong point by now that whenever the Doomsday will take place this would happen, now I think they would have to launch a new one after every suspected date.

So, 2012 passed well, and the entire world took a sigh of relief and resumed their lives. But now after 8 years, the bug that once bitten the conspiracy theorist has been resurrected and this time they came again with another big banging theory.

21st June 2020 – Is Final Trumpet About To Blow? 

The year 2020, which is already going like a nightmare, laced with Corona, Lock downs, Inflation, and Joblessness. People are dying every day, WWIII is trending on Twitter, and now to make it worst, our dear theorists come up with another bombastic news. They claimed that the previous theory was a mistake and the actual date according to the Mayan Calendar is 21st June 2020. They also claimed that the date 21st December 2012 was right actually but according to the Julian calendar the 21st December 2012 will be held on 21st June 2020 (Could someone please tell me who the hell is hiring them? I mean how you didn’t know that in the first place and why are you coming now, in 2020 which is already treating us worse than the apocalypse itself?)

Well, this time people are taking it seriously because the Solar Eclipse is pending on June 21st. The complete Eclipse that will make the Ring Of Fire and literally the world will face the darkness in the day time.

Another theory claimed that the Nibiru X, a big planet is going to hit the Earth and destroy it, though NASA has not confirmed any news regarding any planet that is going to mess with the Earth, this is because NASA just has some really big equipment to record an event happening in the Solar System, but Conspiracy Theorists have The Magical Mayan Calendar from 4000 years ago, and it cannot fail them.

How Pakistani AWAM Would React To The Expected Apocalypse?

Pakistanis, a nation on Earth which is so BRAVE that you can’t scare them with death. These are the people who break all the laws just to visit the beach because they heard that a terrible hurricane is about to hit the city, so they reach there before the hurricane to see HOW does it really hit. People who rather than getting out of the building during an earthquake, stay in to make a video that HOW BAD an earthquake can shake a building, and nowadays, despite the on-going pandemic, they are getting out just to SEE how strict a lockdown they have imposed on us. They are making fun of Corona so badly that if it was a human, it would have had committed suicide by now. So basically it’s a brave plus curious nation. They like to play around death and also get comfortable with every new thing easily. News of expected apocalypse would be like another adventure for them. Most of them would get hell excited and will rush to their terraces to experience this ONCE IN A LIFETIME moment of getting VANISHED. Some of the most expected reactions of the amazing Pakistani AWAAM are listed below:

  • “OK, bring the washed clothes inside and close the doors”. (yeah apocalypse won’t be able to enter from a closed-door, great idea )
  • “So? Stop thinking about the world and concentrate on your studies”(Sure, mom, I’ll study hard and who knows maybe i get a job in the HELL HEATING CONTROL DEPARTMENT)
  • “Who told you that? I told you not to talk to that guy Faheem, he spreads useless rumors like his mother” (Where does Faheem come from?)
  • “Dafa Duur”
  • “How do you know? Did ISRAFEEL A.S
  • “Good, at least this phone of yours will get destroyed forever”(Including your kid, MOM)
  • “For me, every day is like doomsday with the kids like you”(We are talking about the real one here, please)
  • “Recite Astaghfar” (Finally something logical)

Reactions – Pakistani Dads:

  • “Good, now turn the AC off and stop wasting my money, as there’s going to be no AC in hell as well. (Wait, how are you so sure? Do you have a set up there?)
  • “Stupid, dumb-head  people create rumors for some idiots like you to believe it” (Dad… Just… Ughh)
  • “Don’t you dare climbed the terrace to watch it” (Dad, I’m not talking about Eid Ka Chand, Or Paros ki Uzma, I’m talking about APOCALYPSE)
  • “I have spent 27 years with your mom, and nothing can be scarier than that” (Uh well, agreed)
  • “Not possible, ESSA (A.S) hasn’t come yet and according to our beliefs No Apocalypse can happen before that” (Hmm, logic)

Reactions – Pakistani Boys:

  • “jaani, have you just heard the news? Nibiru X is soon going to hit the world, let’s make a SCENE at your place and watch together how does It happen” ( Sure buddy, let’s hang out and see who dies first)
  • “That means this Corona shit and all the lock downs will end soon, DANCE”
  • “No, really? Take the cars out and let’s go to my EX’s place and we will play “Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi” Hell loud”(Now this is what I waited for my entire life)
  •  “Chor Jigar, Joint Bana” (lagay dum, mitay ghum, true story)
  • I’ve taken Udhaar from Idrees Bhai, Thank GOD I would not have to pay him back now”(Seriously? Now this is called chance pe dance)
  • No, man not now. I’ve just met Rukhsana and we were planning to get married in July and we have decided names for our future kids. (OK, tell me exactly how much time do you need to EXECUTE your plans?)

Reactions – Pakistani Girls:

  • Apocalypse, NO. This cannot be possible, I’m still unmarried. (Wait, let me ask them if they can postpone it till your wedding)
  • “Mummy, can I wear that Red dress you kept for my Jahaiz, tomorrow? (Angels aren’t coming for your rishta, girl)
  • “Really? Let me do my eyebrows and upper lips” (Uhm, sure it would be better to not confuse Maut ka farishta between Tahira and Tahir)
  • “Hey, girls check out my new dress for Apocalypse. Also, join me all on Instagram live session to discuss more what to do on Doomsday xoxo”(Because Instagram is Life)

So, those were some expected reactions to some unexpected news circulated by the media. Well, this was just for fun so I hope you sensitive people out there will not take it on yourselves. Because Judgement Day is a reality we can’t escape from, but the truth is only ALLAH knows when exactly it’s going to get happened. So, rather believing on such rumors, carry on with your lives, try to stay positive and strengthen your bond with ALMIGHTY for the future, because maybe not now but someday…. it will..


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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