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3,384 Pakistanis Killed In Indian Backed Terrorism

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India is one of those countries whose history is smothered in the hate and abhorrence against Pakistan and Pakistanis. It has been 70 years since the Pak emerged as an independent state on the globe, yet India has never accepted its freedom and liberty. Burning in the fire of anger and loath, India has always played a role of archnemesis, and warmonger in Pakistan. Decades ago, India has sown a seed of terrorism and militancy in Pakistan, and Pakistan is still harvesting it with blood and tears.

This recent report released by the Ministry of Interior is narrating the story of atrocity and barbarity carried out by Indian sponsored terrorism. Revealing, how thousands of people have been killed on the behest of India.

Now tell me, how many moombatti mafia will march on the streets? How many liberal-leftist protests will be conducted against this atrocity? How many trends will be launched citing #terroristIndia… Will they? or they won’t, as usual, because the name of INDIA is behind it?

More Than 3,384 Pakistanis have been killed in Terror Attacks Since 2015

The report revealed that since 2015, around 3,384 Pakistanis, including 1,457 personnel of Law enforcement agencies have embraced martyrdom in as many as 3,990 terror attacks. It further stated that about 8,436 including many security personnel sustained severe injuries in these attacks till September 2020.

Three thousand and three eighty four… Those were not just 3,384 people but thousands of families that have been affected in those terror attacks. What they didn’t mention is how many of them have lost their houses. They did not refer to the victims who have suffered serious injuries which lead them to live a life worse than death. They could not because the damage was massive, beyond one’s comprehension and it is all due to one state’s abhorrence.

The Highest Affected Zone Was Balochistan

According to the documents, Punjab witnessed the least number of terror attacks while the region which has suffered the most attacks was Balochistan. Yes, Balochistan, the region which India used for its filthy propaganda against Pakistan, has endured the most bestiality.

The reports suggest that the largest province of the country (area wise) witnessed 1,435 attacks in which over 1,245 Baloch citizens including security personnel, embraced martyrdom while a massive number of people around 3,115 sustained serious injuries. It all happened in Balochistan, but not by any armed personnel, it was the state that talked about cutting out Balochistan from Pakistan.

In the 5 deadly years, the region of KPK has also witnessed brutal 1,048 attacks, in which 781 including LEAs personnel, embraced martyrdom while over 1,500 others sustained injuries. It was all started one year after the infamous APS attack.

More than Thousands Have Sustained Severe Injuries

The region of Punjab and Sindh have witnessed 551 bloody attacks, where more than 665 Pakistanis were martyred. (The number of attacks and casualties reported higher in Sindh than Punjab)

Another highest amount of terror attacks was reported from the Tribal Areas (FATA) with 892 attacks that have been witnessed while 645 locals including security personnel have been killed.

Federal capital, AJ&K, and Gilgit-Baltistan has also suffered numerous attacks in which more than hundreds were killed, and thousand sustained injuries, and all this to favor the filthy intentions of one excreted state – India. And all this has been proved in recent times when Pak has gathered enough pieces of evidence of Terror financing by India.

Why No Protest, Why No Hue And Cry Liberals?

Isn’t it surprising that despite tons of confirmed Indian sponsored terror attacks on the soil and massacre of thousands of innocent people, a so-called Pakistani Leftist lobby is still busy praising and appreciating the Indian Government?

Yes, not only that they are also eager and desperate to develop better relations and peace with that state which is fueling terrorism in Pakistan. You will not hear a single word of condemnation from them over these attacks, but yeah if a Baloch man went missing in Balochistan, they will beat their drums out in protest against the Armed forces, calling them the abductors.

Ok, the army did this, then who killed the security personnel and thousands of other men in Balochistan? Was that army? Or those men, who got abducted and found dead with a Murder admittance letter from BLA? Were they from the Army? Who supports the BLA and PTM openly, btw?

You cannot decieve us any more.. We know you, and we also know those tons of dollars and pounds which made you trade your soul and become Dalaal Of India. But remember this, no Pakistani would ever forget, and like India, you too would have to pay the price of the innocent blood, shed by your Masters.

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