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4 Afghan Army bases have fallen to the Taliban as offensives intensify in Ghazni, Baghlan, and Helmand

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While heavy clashes are ongoing in various parts of the country, reports indicate that the Taliban is advancing on key cities in Baghlan and Ghazni provinces.

According to reports a number of soldiers have been killed in clashes with the Taliban in Ghazni and Baghlan provinces while an unknown number have surrendered to the Taliban.

Baghlan Officials reported that Shahr-e Kohna region of Baghlan-e Markazi district of Baghlan province has fallen to the Taliban.

Local officials confirmed and said there had been no clashes between government forces who carried out a tactical retreat.

Meanwhile, sources said that last night troops from two checkpoints in this district surrendered to the Taliban.

Although the district governor has denied the surrender of security forces from two army checkpoints in the district, Mohammad Safdar Mohseni, head of the provincial council, told Ariana News that at least 60 soldiers, equipped with weapons and equipment from two checkpoints have surrendered to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said most of the areas in Baghlan-e-Markazi district had been captured by the group.

He also said more than 200 security forces had joined the group and taken their military hardware with them.

Ghazni Local officials from Ghazni province reported that four army check posts have fallen to the Taliban in the province.

According to officials, two security check posts in Arezo village of the province have fallen to the Taliban.

Abdul Jame Jami, a member of the Ghazni Provincial Council said the fate of 24 security force members from the checkpoints is unknown.

The official added that with the fall of these two checkpoints, the Taliban are now close to Ghazni city.

He warned that if the security forces are not managed properly, the city of Ghazni will fall to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, a credible source told Ariana News that two check posts fell to the Taliban on Wednesday night in Khowaja Omari district.

According to the source at least 15 policemen were killed in the incident.

The Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the allegations.

Clashes around the country

Clashes intensified in parts of the country after the US forces officially started withdrawing troops on Saturday.

A number of experts believe that the Taliban have increased the number of attacks ahead of the Istanbul Conference in a bid to gain more leverage in talks.

Currently, intense fighting is underway in Helman province, which has resulted in thousands of people fleeing their homes.

The US also reportedly assisted Afghan security forces overnight by carrying out airstrikes against the Taliban in the province.

On Wednesday, General Sami Sadat, commander of Maiwand Corps, said that the Taliban had carried out 89 attacks in different parts of Helmand province, and that all of the attacks were met by force from the Afghan security forces. He said the Taliban sustained heavy casualties.

“The morale of the Afghan forces is high and they have access to good equipment and with the available equipment they can defeat the Taliban,” Sadat added.


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