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In Pakistan, due to Coronavirus students are unable to go to their schools and colleges and are studying their courses online, therefore, to make the best out of what they study, I believe these gadgets are required

  1. Flash Drive Pen

    This USB pen combines too much-needed items into one. Not only is this a regular stylish pen but it also has a USB drive that can hold up to 64 GB of storage. For students in Pakistan these days it’s a very important gadget since it can store all sorts of pictures, documents, videos, and presentations. The best part is since it can be used as a pen too. It can be carried anywhere you want. It is available online for only PRs 1999.
  2. Graphic Calculator

    In this pandemic where online classes are the only way to cover the courses students who study technical subjects such as mathematics and additional mathematics really do need this Graphic Calculator. This calculator is equipped with 12 powerful applications that are essential for solving all the math problems with ease. You can also add other applications in it for better and quicker performance. The best part is that it comes with a lot of fun colors too! It’s available online at a cheap price of just PRs 10,500.
  3. LG Gram laptop

    Coming up next on our list is the LG Gram laptop. For students in colleges and universities of Pakistan, it is highly essential for them to use Laptops because of assignments, classes and etc. well, here we are with the best choice one could have. This laptop has the 8th gen Intel i7 processor with dual SSD which makes its memory and processing speed unmatchable. It can also be used as a tablet thus making it easier for students who share screens during online studies. This all in one laptop comes around PRs 120,000. It can be said that it’s cheaper than any other brand providing this many features at this low price.
  4. BENQ-E-Reading Lamp

    It is pretty important to have a table lamp on a study table for every student. This BENQ-E lamp provides us with 150% wider light than any other table lamp not only this but its brightness can be reduced or increased accordingly as well. Its light can also be changed to blue light or moonlight as well for better viewing to eye-sensitive students. This lamp is available online for just PRs 35,000.
  5. NewYes Erasable Notebook

    Every student dreams to have a notebook that won’t ever finish. Well, here you go with this amazing notebook which will last forever. This notebook comes with a pen that’s erasable furthermore the material that is written into this notebook is digitally copied into your phone/Laptop. This everlasting Notebook can be a solution to stop global warming and wastage of paper. It costs about PRs 500 only.

Hope you like this review, do comment down below if there are any other cool products that can help students in their performance and studies.


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