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9-Year Old Killed Aunt Over ‘Love Marriage’

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Honor killing is nothing but a cancer that has been penetrated in the roots of Pakistan. Every year, several women get killed in the name of honor and dignity by their own relatives and family member. Most of them were those unfortunate ladies who, according to this society, made an unforgivable crime of loving someone and choosing someone as a life partner. Recently another murder in the name of honor reported and this was horrendous beyond one’s imagination.

9-year-old Nephew Killed Paternal Aunt over Love Marriage in Sargodha

According to the reports, a 9-year old kid in Sargodha allegedly shot and killed his paternal aunt, Kanwal Parveen, for marrying someone out of her own will.

As per the Police claims, the 9-year old killed was ‘trained’ for a year by his family to kill his aunt who committed love marriage a decade before the boy was even born.

Kanwal’s family was upset with her for marrying a person of her choice, and thus had the grudges against her for long. They never accepted her marriage neither had good relations with her in the past, claimed the police. Hence, the family made this revolting plan which can make anyone sick to their stomach.

They allegedly raised this 9-year-old with so much abhorrence against her paternal aunt. An year before, they started training him into killing her aunt. In the innocent age of playing with the toys and cars, the family taught the little kid to use a gun just to satiate their anger and hate.

On September 14, Kanwal was invited at home by the accused’s family to join them for her young nephew’s birthday where her elder 9-year old nephew killed her.

What could be a more perfect plan than this? Making a juvenile committing murder so that no family member would have to face sentence or severe punishment and they could easily get away with this heinous crime. Disgusting.

Boy Killed Sister In The Name Of Honor Killing In Sargodha.

A few days earlier on September 12, another honor killing reported, where a brother killed his 30-year-old sister for marrying 6th time. The husband of the lady Nighat Parveen, filed a complaint regarding her wife went missing. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the victim’s 22 years old brother, Abdullah Hashim took her to the home, locked her in the room, and shot her dead.

The accused said that his sister was a disgrace to the whole family for the past eight years. He said that people in his village also started to question their family’s reputation because of his sister’s character.

There Is No ‘Honor’ In Killing

These aren’t just two cases. The history of Pakistan is colored with the blood of innocent girls who dared to love. Who dared to live their lives according to their will, and being Muslim women, they all had the right to like someone and to get married to the person of their choice. But unfortunately, we are living in a shithead society that follows the norms of ignorant Arabs and Hindus, who consider a girl their honor, dignity, grace even goddess but forget to consider her as a Human.

Sticking ‘Honor’ to Killing doesn’t make it less heinous or disgusting. This is no excuse that she was becoming a ‘source of disgrace’ for you – If it was, then why you didn’t consider killing your own self? Though it won’t be less of a crime, still better than killing her.

Who the hell are you to decide for an individual what she should do or not? Who the hell are you to make decisions for her? Who gave you the right to become her God? (Astaghfirullah)

No girl wants to be your honor, your dignity, your grace on the cost of her dreams, feelings, and innocent wishes. Let her live. If you are not fine with what she does, you have the right to cut off all the ties with her but ALLAH never permitted to kill someone just because you felt BAD. May ALLAH wrath be upon such ignorant vile peoples


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