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Actress Hira Noor Got Raped By Theatre Owner

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Rape and Harassment are unfortunately becoming a norm in Pakistani society these days. Whether you are at home or work, you are under threat – The on-going wave of rape and sexual harassment does not only affect the women in general but also effecting celebrities and women related to the entertainment sector.

Stage Actress Hira Noor Got Assaulted By Theater Owner and His Accomplices in Sahiwal

The famous Punjabi theatre actress, Hira Noor got sexually assaulted on Monday at Marine Theater, Sahiwal. The actress made a video statement in which she revealed that the Owner of Marine Theater along with some goons beat Noor and sexually assault her.

With bruised body and face, Noor stated that she came to Marine Theater to perform when the Owner of the theater along with his friends assaulted her. “They forcibly take me to the room on gun point and tried to rape, when I refused they brutally assaulted me,” said Noor amid crying. 

The victim has also filed a complaint against the Theater owner and friends to Sahiwal Police  

Actress Sitara Baig Rape Case

This is not the first time. Many other stage actresses have reported to get harassed and raped on different occasions. The one prominent case was of stage actress, Sitara Baig who got gang-raped by some men in a hotel room.

The actress claimed that the rapists asked her to come to the hotel room to get the fee for the shows performed in Dubai and Canada. When she reached there, the rapists gave her the full amount and also offered her a glass of juice which she accepted. The drink was laced with sedatives which made Sitara fell asleep for 10 hours – When she woke up, she found herself lying on the floor with no clothes or jewelry. Moreover, the money which was given to her by those rapists were also missing.

Another incident occurred a few years back where a stage actress, Sapna Chaudhry got gang-raped at her own house. The actress claimed that the visitors, who were armed and drunk, tied her hands and feet, and raped her brutally.

This is absolutely sick and disgusting – yes they do belong to the entertainment sector and perform for your amusement but that doesn’t mean that you’ve bought their honor as well. This is their work and the only source of their bread and butter. In the end, they all are women like your mother and sister and despite what they do, should be respected at least as a woman and human being. We hope that Police would soon look into this matter and will help Hira Noor to get justice.


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