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Afghan Terrorist Leader Sniped By the ISI

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Kabul, Afghanistan – A senior commander of the Afghan Intelligence Agency; The National Directorate of Security (NDS) who was overseeing several-terror rings against Pakistan, has been eliminated by Pakistan’s premier Intelligence, the ISI on Friday, according to the local sources.

If confirmed, the killing of Mehmood Rizik would be a major blow to the anti-Pakistan terrorists sheltered in Afghanistan, who have been fighting in the northwestern provinces of Pakistan. Thousands of militants, security force members, and civilians have died in the Afghan backed terrorist strikes in Pakistan since 2009.

Mehmood, an Afghan commander known to organize terrorist organizations like TTP and BLA, was killed on Friday evening as he traveled to the undisclosed location in southern Afghanistan, locals said.

According to the local sources, Mehmood was shot down by the sniper, allegedly an ISI shooter and he died on the sport.

The Afghan government is trying to downplay the news and refraining from owning the dead commander.

Over the years, many anti-Pakistan elements in Afghanistan as well as in Iran have been eliminated in a surprising wave of Pakistan’s covert operations across the international borders. Amongst them, were the hardcore Baloch and TTP terrorist leaders.

While the Afghan leadership openly denies any involvement in terrorism aimed at Pakistan, it is a well established fact that both Afghanistan and India have formed a strong network of terrorists, mainly based in the mountains of northern Pakistan as well as the troubled Balochistan province, the groups are closely allied with each other and coordinate their attacks against civilians and soldiers of Pakistan.

More than 80,000 Pakistanis have been killed in the war on terror since the BLA and TTP are formed.

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