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Afghans Re-create Coffin Meme To Celebrate Victory

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On Tuesday, part of celebrations across the country on the removal of the last U.S. troops, Afghans brandished coffins adorned with US, UK, Russian and NATO flags in the eastern city of Khost. A large crowd marked the end of a 20-year war and an abrupt and degrading exit for Washington and its NATO allies.

The mock funeral, in which coffins covered in French and British flags were also carried along the street. In the crowd, some waved new Afghan flags, snapped the cavalcade on mobile phones while others held guns atop. Afghan official Qari Saeed Khosti during the coverage of the event told local television station Zhman T.V that August 31 is our formal Freedom Day. He said that this is the day on which American troops and NATO were forced to run off the country.

On Tuesday footage from Khost along with a video showing celebratory gunfire in Kabul got viral on social media and the US helicopter was taking a round of the 2nd largest city Khandhar. On Monday midnight the US last soldier get on his last flight, ending the turbulent evacuation. The Taliban thrown out the US-backed government equipped by the United States and encapsulated the US-made weapons and hardware left by Afghan forces. Different pictures shared online on Tuesday showed Taliban individuals strolling through the Kabul air terminal in the U.S, supplied fatigues, some brandishing, gleaming riffles, and others evaluating cutting-edge, night vision goggles or evaluating U.S helicopters.

John Kirby, Pentagon Spokesman said that the U.S. military was not perturbed by the images as the helicopters could not be flown. He said that the troops departing from Afghanistan demolished more than 70 aircraft and dozens of bulletproof vehicles. He further said they also paraplegic air defence that had baffled an attempted Islamic State rocket on their withdrawal.


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