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All You need to know about Constituencies

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 Voters in Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan region are heading to vote to elect the government for the next five years. According to surveys, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) is the favorite to win the GB elections 2020.

The key politicians from the top political parties drew large crowds and made promises during GB Elections 2020 campaign.

Here you will know all about the constituencies in Gilgit Baltistan and their demographics.

The Gilgit region has a total headcount of 570,000 and is divided into nine constituencies.

GBA – 1 (Gilgit I)

Voters: 35,841
Female: 15,790
Male: 20,051
Polling stations: 62

Top Candidates 

Amjad Hussain (PPP), Sultan Raees (Independent), Mustafa Shah (Islami Tehreek Pakistan), Johar Ali (PTI)

GBA – 2 (Gilgit II)

Voters: 41,259
Female: 18,201
Male: 23,058
Polling stations: 73

Top Candidates 

Fatehullah Khan (PTI), Jameel Ahmed (PPP), Hafeez-ur-Rehman (PML-N)

GBA – 4 (Nagar I)

Voters: 23,171
Female voters: 10,440
Male voters: 12,731
Polling stations: 42

Top Candidates 

Amjad Hussain (PPP), Zulfiqar Ali (PTI), Muhammad Ayub (ITP)

GBA – 5 (Nagar II)

Voters: 14,001
Female voters: 6,241
Male voters: 7,760
Polling stations: 26

Top Candidates 

Mirza Hussain (PPP), Rizwan Ali (MWM), Javed Ali (Indp)

GBA – 6 (Hunza)

Voters: 43,603
Female voters: 21,275
Male voters: 22,328
Polling stations: 90

Top contenders:

Obaidullah Beg (PTI), Zahoor Karim (PPP), Kamil Jan (Indp)

GBA – 19 (Ghizer I)

Voters: 37,808
Female voters: 17,511
Male voters: 20,297
Polling stations: 51

Top Candidates 

Shakeel Ahmed (Indp), Syed Jalal Shah (PPP), Nawaz Khan Naji (Indp)

GBA – 20 (Ghizer II)

Voters: 42,533
Female voters: 19,245
Male voters: 23,288
Polling stations: 52

Top Candidates 

Ali Sher (PPP), Nazeer Ahmed (PTI), Safdar Ali Sherazi (Indp)

GBA – 21 (Ghizer III)

Voters: 34,975
Female voters: 15,846
Male voters: 19,129
Polling stations: 52

Top Candidates 

Raja Jahanzeb (PTI), Muhammad Ayub Shah (PPP), Ghulam Mohammad (PML-N)

GBA – 7 (Skardu I)

Voters: 17,127
Female voters: 7,905
Male voters: 9,222
Polling stations: 28

Top Candidates 

Syed Mehdi Shah (PPP), Raja Zakeria Khan (PTI), Muhammad Iqbal (ITP)

GBA – 8 (Skardu)

Voters: 39,567
Female voters: 17,716
Male voters: 21,851
Polling stations: 54

Top Candidates 

Imtiaz Haider (Indp), Mohammad Ali Shah (PPP), Mohammad Kazim (MWM)

GBA – 9 (Skardu III)

Voters: 25,562
Female voters: 11,569
Male voters: 13,993
Polling stations: 55

Top Candidates 

Wazeer Waqar (PPP), FidaNashad (PTI), Wazeer Mohammad Saleem( Indp)

GBA – 10 (Skardu IV)

Voters: 26,839
Female voters: 12,098
Male voters: 14,741
Polling stations: 46

Top Candidates 

Wazeer Hassan (PTI), Sikander Ali (ITP), Wazeer Mohammad Khan (PPP)

GBA – 11 (Kharmang)

Voters: 26,887
Female voters: 12,409
Male voters: 14,478
Polling stations: 42

Top Candidates 

Syed Amjad Ali (PTI), Niaz Ali Siam (PPP), Syed Mohsin Rizvi (Indp)

GBA – 12 (Shigar)

Voters: 36,183
Female voters: 16,663
Male voters: 19,520
Polling stations: 70

Top Candidates 

Imran Nadeem (PPP), Raja Azam Khan (PTI), Tahir Shigri (PML-N)

GBA – 22 (Ghanche I)

Voters: 28,900
Female voters: 13,185
Male voters: 15,715
Polling stations: 57

Top Candidates 

Mohammad Sanai (PTI), Mohammad Jaffar (PTI)

GBA – 23 (Ghanche II)

Voters: 28,244
Female voters: 12,533
Male voters: 15,711
Polling stations: 48

Top Candidates 

Ghulam Ali Haideri (PPP), Ghulam Hussain (PML-N), Amina Bibi (PTI)

GBA – 24 (Ghanche III)

Voters: 20,187
Male voters: 10,588
Female voters: 9,599
Polling stations: 43

Top Candidates 

Syed Shamusuddin (PTI), Mohammad Ismail (PPP), Engineer Manzoor Hussain (PML-N)

GBA – 13 (Astore I)

Voters: 33,378
Female voters: 15,146
Male voters: 18,232
Polling stations: 49

Top Candidates 

Dr Ghulam Abbas (Indp), Khalid Khurshid (PTI), Abdul Hamid Khan (PPP)

GBA – 14 (Astore II)

Voters: 29,023
Female voters: 13,192
Male voters: 15,831
Polling stations: 47

Top Candidates 

Shamsul Haq (PTI), Muzaffar Ali (PPP) and Rana Farooq (PML-N)

GBA – 15 (Diamer I)

Voters: 35,185
Female voters: 17,448
Male voters: 17,737
Polling stations: 45

Top Candidates 

Wali-ur-Rehman (JUI-F), Noushad Ali (PTI), Bashir Ahmed (PPP), Abdul Wajid (PML-N)

GBA – 16 (Diamer II)

Voters: 34,368
Female voters: 15, 660
Male voters: 18,708
Polling stations: 41

Top Candidates 

Atiqullah (PTI), Attaullah (Indp), Mohammad Anwar (PML-N), Haji Dilbar Khan (PPP)

GBA – 17 (Diamer III)

Voters: 29,955
Female voters: 13,682
Male voters: 16,273
Polling stations: 39

Top Candidates 

Rehman Khalid (JUI-F), Haider Khan (PTI), Ghaffar Khan (PPP), Sardar Alam (PML-N)

GBA – 18 (Diamer IV)

Map of GBA-18
Voters: 19,071
Female voters: 11,363
Male voters: 77,08
Polling stations: 26

Top Candidates 

Gulbar Khan (PTI), Kifayat Ur Rehman (Indp), Sadia Danish (PPP).


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