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Arab Woman Smashed ‘Ganesha Idol’ calling it Haram

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Manama: A Muslim woman break idols of Hindu deity “Ganesha” kept in a local store of a Muslim country, Bahrain.

Yesterday, a video went viral in which a 54-year old Muslim woman, wearing a Burqa saw breaking Ganesh Idols which were kept in a local store in Manama, Bahrain. According to the reports, the woman was extremely angry watching Hindu Idols being kept in a local store in Bahrain. Considering it as an encouragement to freely practice the Hindu religion on Muslim land, the women smashed all the idols kept in the store.

Shortly after the video went viral, public prosecution issued a statement saying the woman had admitted to breaking the statues and is ready to face the charges of criminal damage and insulting a religious symbol.

The video shows two women standing near a display of the statues arguing with the store-keeper in Arabic.

“This is a Muslim country, correct?” One woman heard saying to the storekeeper.

 “Let us see who will worship these statues, call the cops,” the other one said.

Soon the advisor of the King of Bahrain, Khalid-al- Khalifa made a statement in which he said that the women’s actions were condemnable and unacceptable. “Breaking of religious symbols is not the nature of the people of Bahrain. It is a crime of hatred and is rejected” said Khalifa

However, the question also raised at this point that what were those idols were doing inside a “local store” of a Muslim country? Yes, there should indeed be religious tolerance between the communities living in the same country, but this isn’t coming under tolerance, it’s more of a secular approach. I agree that assaulting religious symbols is completely unacceptable but keeping Hindu deity idols in a store in Muslim country is more like normalizing and accepting wholeheartedly a morally unaccepted religion in Muslim culture. What do you guys think about this whole story? Let us know in the comment section.


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