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Army Wife Making Out With Stranger| India Wants Show Banned

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Balaji Production House is a big giant of the Indian Entertainment Industry. Founded by the superstar Jeetendra in 1994 and later on promoted by Ekta Kapoor, this company has ruled successfully over the small screen for many years. After enjoying the footlights of the TV industry, they made it to the Silver screen and start producing movies under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures. And now the web series created under the Alt Balaji Entertainment is grossing all over the world.

Whenever we hear the name Balaji, the 1st thing that appears in our mind is the channel Star plus and the family-oriented dramas which were the forte and claim to fame of Balaji Telefilms. But soon they change the game and hit the cinema with some light sexual and ribald concepts and movies, and now the Alt Balaji has crossed all the barriers in showcasing erotic and sensual content.

Last days Alt Balaji made it to the news for all the wrong reasons. Their famous erotic series called X.X.X –Uncensored Season 2 episode “Pyaar or Plastic” landed the show into a serious controversy and multiple FIRs.

The show depicts the life of an Indian Army Officer’s wife who is having extramarital affairs behind her husband who is away on duty. The series shows some really steamy and erotic scenes between the army wife and her boyfriend. In one scene, the wife makes his beau wear his husband’s Army uniform and seduces him. Later, she tears apart the uniform including the emblem before getting in an intimate act with him 

The scene up roared the rage within the audience of India. People flood social media with hatred comments for Ekta Kapoor and ALT Balaji. They condemn the production house for derogating their army and make fun of their morals and principles, and it all happens after the famous YouTuber Vikas Pathak aka Hindustani Bhau went ahead to lodge an FIR against the media giants. 

There are several other web series which are showcasing the dark sides of Indian military services. A web series named “Court Martial” is depicting the life of an Indian officer as an Anti-Dalit and a women abuser, another series called “Code M” displays the homosexuality inside the Indian Armed Forces. 

This is not new. Indian armed forces often remains a matter of controversy amongst the public and media. The secret image of an Indian army wife is of a desperate woman, who cannot resist her desires. There were several cases reported of Indian military wives having extramarital affairs with their husband’s colleagues or senior officers. Even back in 2013, a case reported by an Indian Navy wife where she revealed that Wife-Swapping is a norm in the Indian Navy. She exposed that how there are parties every day and women wear very revealing or indecent clothes. 

Sumedha, 25 years old Navy officer wife opened about how she witnessed her husband with a senior officer’s wife in a compromising position. When she questions her husband, she was told that she too would have to be a part of wife-swapping-evening if she wants her husband to keep his job. The Indian Navy, however, denied all the allegations and the case, like many other cases has been shut down because of the pressure of the Indian Government. 

Well, as we all know that Indians are indoctrinated into seeing their Armed forces as Sacred cows. They believe that they are as holy as any the water of the Ganges, which they are not. Like any other organization or establishment, Indian armed forces too have dark sides, and discussing or disclosing it is considered a sin and a punishable act in India. 


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