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Atiqa Odho Angry On PEMRA for Banning ‘Immoral Content’

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Pakistani Dramas are a major source of entertainment for Pakistani Awaam and they deserve it. Pakistani shows and serials have a separate fan following not only in Pakistan but across the border as well. Spell-binding stories, enticing dialogues, and astounding performances of our highly talented artists are something which made not only Pakistani, but Indian awaam go gaga over as well. But recently, the Pakistani Drama Industry Is under hot waters. The magic land is facing a backlash from the Public and Authorities for showing explicit and immoral content from their platform.

In recent days, many Pakistani dramas went banned by PEMRA for presenting unethical stories and depicting the extreme negative side of relations. Among the banned shows, there was one serial which surprisingly got many fans and many critics as well; Pyaar Ke Sadqay.

The story of this show was revolving around an ingénue middle-class girl Mahjabeen (Yumna Zaidi), who got married to a rich yet naïve boy Abdullah (Bilal Abbas). Soon the story took an ugly turn when Abdullah’s stepdad, Sarwar (Omair Rana) began to sexually harass Mahjabeen and pulled off all his ugly tactics to make her snatch from Abdullah. Atiqa Odho played a major role in Abdullah’s mother who was a rich woman but buried under Sarwar’s benevolence and favors and could not say anything to him. Despite this, the show was also filled with numerous explicit acts like infidelity, physical abuse, intimidating behaviors, etc

This story irked the majority of the public, who called it defamation of the pious relations and promoting negative messages – then the mighty PEMRA came into action and ban this show which was a great decision.

Atiqa Odho Got Extremely Angry On PEMRA for Banning Her Show ‘Iss Pyaar Ke Sadqay’

The veteran Odho, who doesn’t seem to be very happy with this decision called out PEMA and slammed it in her latest Instagram post. The actress asked PEMRA that is this democratic way of life to muzzle the voices that help reflect ‘changes’ – (Yeah that was kind of a BIG change, and we are honestly not ready for this).

Odho wrote “Television drama brings up important social problems which need correction. It helps educate people about mental health, social injustice, hypocrisy, abuse, misuse of power, etc, etc. if we will start to brush things under carpet we will never grow as a nation towards positive change”

The lady also seems to ask PEMRA to stop treating viewers as they are dumb and don’t have exposure to the rest of the world

Well that’s true lady, we aren’t dumb and we know the difference between raising serious issues and promoting ‘tharak’ – when a viewer is watching something, it perceives the message depending upon its mental capability – for example, you show a girl getting kidnapped and raped – now many would take it as ‘Tauba Tauba’ thing, while there would be some who might be taking lessons from it that HOW the boy kidnapped the girl, where he kept her for rape, and what were the loopholes that made him arrested. Every other show is assaulting the honor of once beautiful relations like Saali-Behnoi, Sasur-Bahu, Devar-bhabhi, in the name of social issues – Now please you stop promoting your vulgar content in the name of ENTERTAINMENT, pretty please.  

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