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Pak-Flag Hoisted At Azerbaijan In Gratitude

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The on-going border clashes between the states of Azerbaijan and Armenia have taken the whole world in concern. The heart of the conflict is a dispute between these two states over the control of mountainous region Nagorno- Karabakh. This region is recognized as a part of Azerbaijan but has been controlled by ethnic Armenians since 1994.

During these hard times, Pakistan ensure its unwavering support to the people and Government of Azerbaijan against Armenian aggression.

The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev thanked the government of Pakistan for expressing solidarity with his country

In a video, the president praised Pakistan for its resolute support for Azerbaijan against Armenian hostility. President, Aliyev said that his country is going through a testing time. He further said that the conflict with Armenia was a litmus test which is going to determine ‘who is who’

While meeting the newly appointed Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan, Bilal Hayee; the Azeri President expressed his gratitude – “A meaningful support coming from brotherly countries is crucial for Azerbaijan to defend itself and fight the case against Armenia globally” – said Aliyev

He also said that the countries that stood by Azerbaijan offered massive and genuine support. He personally thanked Turkey and Pakistan for principally standing with Azeri Government.

People of Azerbaijan Hoisted ‘Pakistani Flag’ As a Gratitude for Their Support

Recently, the images of Azeri people showing gratitude to Pakistan in the most affecting way goes viral on social media.  The widely circulated videos and pictures showed people of Azerbaijan hoisting flags of Pakistan and Turkey in their balconies.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Pakistan also show gratitude, and said that they received lots of messages and letters of supports daily from our Pakistani brothers and sisters.

“Pakistan Army Is Fighting In Azerbaijan against Armenia” – Indian Media

Looking at the unprecedented support of Pakistan for its Azeri brothers and sisters, Indian media hauled over burning coals. Using their old techniques of peddling lies, Indian media start propagating that Pakistani soldiers are fighting along with Azerbaijani troops against Armenian aggression. However, the statement shortly denied by the Pakistan’s foreign Ministry which called such reports as “irresponsible, baseless and speculative”.


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