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Baloch Mujahideen Force Announced Jihad Against BLA in Balochistan

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An organization called, Baloch Mujahideen Task Force was formed in 2010 with the purpose of countering Indian-funded Baloch terrorist organizations in the province of Balochistan. Since the creation, the outfit has been engaged in countering the terrorists who are fighting the Pakistanis in Balochistan.

The group was said to be formed after Baloch terrorists started attacking civilians and officials in the province for celebrating Pakistan Independence Day. The Baloch separatists and terrorists have long warned Baloch people from celebrating the independence day as the former seeks complete independence from the State of Pakistan.

Organization Leader- Beerbug Baloch is the son of a former school headmaster in Kharan, Mir Shams Baloch. He hails from a middle-class background and has been attacked by the Baloch terrorist number of times which he blames on a well-known terrorist and the had of Baloch Liberation Front, Dr. Allah Nazar.

A video is also found to be circulating in the internet which shows the organization’s war preparedness in the tribal regions of the province.

There is not enough information about the organization accessible to the public but many accounts in the province suggest that the group’s sole aim is to resist the Baloch terrorists and target killers in the province. The Baloch Mujahideen Task Force or BMF claims that separatists organizations in the province are working on foreign agenda, not just against the country but also against the religion of Islam as majority of its leaders and founders were atheists and communists.

While the government of Pakistan strongly opposes any move of the civilians picking up arms even if it means to defend themselves, the groups like BMF are merely reactionary forces to the lawless situation in certain areas in the province where separatists are picking up targets with ease.

People in the province with strong pro-Pakistan and Islamic sentiment are now joining the ranks of Baloch Mujahideen Force in order to counter the threats posed by the Baloch terrorists.


Wajiha Raghib

Passion for telling compelling stories

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