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Bollywood’s method films don’t need talented actors: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a well-known Bollywood celebrity and has a successful career under his belt. He has developed a corner for himself in his own choice of films and acting.

He is said to be one of the most versatile actors Bollywood has. A while ago, he had communicated about nepotism and method films that didn’t need any talent. He further stated that countless directors operate outside the method in a video interview with a portal of the news. Nawaz said if an average person wants to become an actor or actress in a day with a movie with five to ten item songs, this is what you will be getting in the end.

There are a hug and long line of actors who are willing to perform in those typical movies. Nawazuddin said that one should likewise understand where one’s ability will be practiced. He shared a discussion granted to him by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

Nawaz told that the filmmaker said to him that he should concentrate on working with filmmakers who could provide him great characters because, with an attitude and look, he has, or else he might be wasting his entire career on B grade films.

The veteran star continued that these Bollywood method films do not need talented actors. He further said that it is subtle if an applicant has a lot of capital to spend on grooming, choreography, and overall appearance.

However, it has nothing to do with performing in the films. If you come with the experience of your profession, there is no time in attempting method films.


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