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Brace Yourself Pakistanis- These Dating Apps Are Getting Banned

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Raise your brows who have never used any Dating Apps (I’m not mentioning hands because “mera statement, meri marzi). So basically very few people would be here who have never used any dating app, including me. But for most of the Pakistani’s it served as a portal to explore the world of relationship and bonking over. Though I’m not sure how many times it has ever served the ‘purpose’ for Pakistanis still, the satisfaction of getting the ‘right swipe’ on one’s picture was enough to get the confidence high for many people. (Especially boys).

In the society where the mingling of the two genders considers taboo and odious, the dating apps provided the platform for ‘forever alones’ to live the life they were unable to live in the practical world. But it seems like PTA has decided to throw a monkey wrench in the work with its new decision.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced to ban all the Dating apps over ‘immoral content’

Ok, so the great Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has officially announced that several dating apps including Tinder, Tagged, Skout, and Grindr are getting banned in Pakistan over immoral and indecent content which was streaming through the applications.

However, the authorities also left the apps with an ‘option’ by which they can ‘reconsider’ the decision of banning apps

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority mentioned in the press release that the application would have to ‘moderate’ its indecent and immoral content, and they would reconsider their decision. Ok, it is like a ray of hope for ‘forever singles’ out there.

The reaction of the Twittersphere of Pakistan Was Hilarious:

When this news knocked the doors of the Twitter, the Twitteratis came out to express their thoughts regarding this another obscure decision after PUBG

Though one lad came out with the solution *Tadaa*

Though here in Pakistan, the apps and programs serves more than the purpose for which they were made. The WhatsApp is serving as a group to wake peoples for the Fajr Prayer, YouTube is serving as a platform for many jobless people to make money, even Tinder has got many stories where people found some best friends for life.

It is not the thing, it is the use of something that makes it negative or positive. But on the other hand, the story of immoral content is also true which is making a negative impact on youth. However, looking at the present series of apps getting ban, it feels that in the coming years we will only be left with the Internet. Koi nahi Pakistanion, you can still have ‘date’ and no one can snatch it from you.

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Maya SH

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