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British Pakistani Girl Refused To Board the Plane In Islamabad Over ‘Lewd’ Outfit

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‘Do in Rome as Romans Do’; we often come across this golden phrase, but unfortunately, many of us doesn’t understand the real meaning behind it. It depicts that while visiting a land, follow the customs of those who live in it. It also refers to the importance of adapting yourself to the customs of the people whom you are visiting and be a little culturally sensitive towards it. Regrettably, despite being highly educated and exposed to so much knowledge and information in today’s era, some people still lack something that calls Ethics of traveling. Usually, when we travel, we make sure we are comfortable enough in what we are wearing. But I guess our comfort is not the only thing we need to consider while boarding a flight.

In this pretext, here we are reporting a story of a British-Pakistani Girl who is thumping her chest and creating hue and cry on social media over something completely illogical and groundless.

British Pakistani Girl Enraged After Being Refused To Board the Plane over Vulgar Outfit

So here’s about this girl Neelum Baloch, who is a British born Pakistani blogger from London, and is disturbed and furious over the alleged terrible treatment she received at Islamabad airport in Pakistan.

Recently, a raving series of her tweets are making round of social media, which are giving a glimpse inside her seething mind.

https://www.facebook.com/desifarangi/photos/a.792681027508462/3198371483606059/?type=3&theater a

Taking this issue to social media, Miss Baloch expresses her dolor and anguish over the issue.

Terrible terrible experience in #Pakistan. I was refused to board the plane over “Lewd” dressing. This mulk is simply a sh*t hole bcus it curbs one’s personal freedom like no other place. We as Overseas-Pakistanis contribute so much for Pakistan’s economy & when we visit” said Neelum.

Talking about her appalling experience, Baloch said that she booked a flight from Islamabad to Karachi from one of the private companies, but the staff told her that she cannot board the plane due to her lewd and revealing top.

Neelum said that the airport officials stopped her at the boarding gate for good 30 minutes because they found her outfit UnIslamic. “I was wearing a LONG ‘jacket’ over my tank-top, what sexually frustrated country find this to be lewd? Is this Islamic to disrespect a woman like this” said Neelum.

“I am a proud Muslim so don’t teach me, Islam. This country should respect women, personal freedom & choice otherwise it will remain in the stone-age” Moreover, burning in the fire of hate and anger, Neelum thanked God that she left this ‘menace’ for England.

Why So Culturally Insensitive Some People Become When It Comes To Pakistan?

Hmm, So, basically Miss Baloch was anguished and called Pak Sh*t hole because she was halted from boarding the flight over her inappropriate dressing. But wait, let me tell you something.

 Last year, in March a female passenger was stopped from boarding a flight in the UK because she was wearing an ‘offensive and inappropriate dress’ on the flight. She was wearing a crop top with spaghetti strips, along with waist high pants. It is on record and one can check by themselves. But of course, it can’t be sh’thole, right? It cannot be called out for being ‘Sexually Frustrated’ because c’mon its UK not Pakistan, No?

My question is that why something which considers as rules and regulations in London, considers backwardness and oppression in Pakistan? Just because it’s an Islamic country? Why everything here got tangled with Islam and Islamism in the end? Can’t a country have some basic rules and regulations depending on right and wrong? Why nobody criticizes France for curbing freedom to dress when they put fine on wearing Hijab. Interestingly, she calls herself a proud Muslim, yet querelling over this type of dress, doens’t make any sense, to be honest.

It is sad and disgusting that she is calling this country a menace, a sh*thole, forgetting that she belongs to the same. And due to this fact, it shouldn’t be so hard for her to act according to the culture, but nope. Then how would she get to criticize the religion and country and assert her decision that why she doesn’t live here! Typical desi-liberal approach.

We, Pakistani respect our overseas siblings, not for your funds but for those roots who ties you from us, but we cannot give anyone the right to point a finger or hurl filth at our country for something they can’t digest. What people like Miss Neelum Baloch needs to learn is Ethics of traveling and understand that every country is abiding by its culture and traditions, and if you are visiting them, you need to be a bit culturally sensitive and show some respect towards their traditions and norms.

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