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China Playing ‘Punjabi-Songs’ To Ridicule India

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Till now the world was experiencing a full action ‘movie’ between the two old rival countries, India and China – But recently it has been recorded that to add up a bit spice in this action flick, China decides to add some background music to it as well.

Indian Media Claimed That China Installed Loudspeaker on Ladakh Border and Playing ‘Punjabi Songs’

The Chinese troop made an interesting move of setting up a loudspeaker that belt out Punjabi numbers and songs at their forward posts with India in Ladakh.

According to the Indian media, this comes in the aftermath of Indian troops setting up an incessant observation at the dominating height near Finger 4, overlooking the positions of PLA troops.

As per the claims, the post at which PLA installed loudspeakers, is under the surveillance of the Indian Army. Indian troops are blaming China for distracting them or doing this just to release the pressure.

Finger 4 has importance in India-China on-going clash – Recently, on September 4, more than 100 rounds were fired between the troops of the two states. Moreover, China and India had almost three firing incidents in the past 20 days over the territorial dispute.  

China and Punjabi Songs – Seriously?

Well, if we accept the claim of Indian media, though it feels silly to even think about that, then Chinese Soldiers must have been suffering from the Personality Disorder after listening Punjabi beats on Chinese Land – It’s more like having Aalu Ka Paratha with Chow Mein.

What they must have been playing, by the way, Gurr Nalo Ishq Mittha? No, No I think Saade Naal Raho Gay Tey Aysh Karo Gay – Well, being a music enthusiast, all of a sudden I’m feeling excited to visit Ladakh just to see either they are playing songs spot on or not.  

Twitter Speculations:

Since the news hit Twitter, most of the Indian Users have become baffled and to be honest – Scared. They have started making different speculations regarding this – what they are calling Cheap Thrill of China. See what Indian users have to say here:

Well, jokes apart. This is called Psychological warfare tactics and China is pretty much pro at it. In the 1967 Indo-China war, the PLA troops played Indian songs to apparently ease the tensions and basically to low down the morale of the Indian Army – This tactic is basically used to create confusion and also give the opponent a message that we understand you well. It’s more like a fox move of mingling with your prey well and hunt them down without giving them time to prepare for the defense. Recently, many soldiers also reported engaging in light grooves at the border. Well looking at the scenarios, it seems China knows well how to make the Indian army dance to their tunes.


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