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Cleric Raped Kid inside Mosque – People Want ‘Qari Abbas’ Hanged

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Child abuse has become the worse pandemic in Pakistan than Corona Virus. In the past few years, the cases of child molestation, torture, and murder have increased to a dangerous number in the state. One of the most shocking and disgusting incidents took place in Kandario, a place in Naushehro Feroze District in the province of Sindh that made our faith destroyed in Humanity.
Earlier this August, a little kid got raped inside the Mosque by the local cleric identified as Qari Abbas. According to the reports, the little boy was reading the ‘Quran’ when this inhuman and reprobate person Qari Abbas, forcefully raped him. The brutal act of the cleric was caught on the CCTV camera, installed inside the mosque. The clip was later accessed by Media and soon spread like wildfire on all the social media platforms. This video caused extreme outrage amongst the ‘netizens’ who asked the government to arrest this scumbag so-called “Molvi” as soon as possible for sodomizing a minor and hang him then and there.

Later the local police tell the media that an FIR has been launched against the cleric but he is absconded since the incident.
These types of incidents have become a norm inside this society. People are afraid sending their kids to normal schools, let alone any madrassah or any special Islamic school and it’s all because of these scumbag clerics who consider Islam ‘just a good source to earn money. All you have to do is to grow a beard, wear Islamic ‘Uniform’ and that’ll be just enough to lure simpletons Pakistanis in your trap. Isn’t this ironic that people, who make several inquiries before handing over their property to someone (on rent etc.) but consider long beard and Islamic uniform as enough ‘guarantee’ when it comes to trust someone with their kids.
Why is that a transgender Julie, was arrested, tortured and jailed all in a night, for raising her voice against the filthy reality of this society, but that rapist who escaped in the broad daylight is still nowhere to be found?
Unfortunately, we are living in a country where recording a video in the Mosque considers ‘blasphemy’ and an attack on the sanctity of the Mosque, but molesting a child inside a holy place while he was reading Quran e Pak didn’t get any voices from the brand ambassadors of the religion. This is the shameful reality of today’s Pakistan. I’m feeling extremely sorry to inform you that such types of incidents are not going to stop until we Pakistani get schooled for our priorities. Until we understand this reality that music, dancing isn’t a real threat to our religion but rascals like Qari Abbas are.

For all those who were against the public hanging of rapists should remember the precedence of former president Zia ul Haq, who hanged the culprits behind child abuse, in front of the public, and their bodies kept swinging on the noose till evening. The people of Pakistan witnessed that there were no cases of rape for the next 10 years.

We need Zia ul Haq’s law back of Public hanging of rapists to eliminate such diseases from our society once and for all.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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