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Dangerous Trend In Pakistan Of Nude Selfies – Hundreds Of Women Being Blackmailed

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Pakistanis are becoming more obsessed with smartphones which are now becoming active part of their lifestyle.

One use for many phones is that of taking selfies. However, when it comes to taking personal and intimate photos and videos, the nude selfie culture in Pakistan is skyrocketing.

A simple web search will take you to an abundance of results related to this issue, especially, nude selfie visuals of young Pakistani women.

According to a report, Pakistani female teenagers are sexting without anyone in their family knowing as we speak. Part of this activity also involves sending nude selfies, to their desired partners.

In the heat of the moment, the ritual of taking nude selfies and sending them to the other is fast becoming a way of seeking acceptance. Especially, for young women.

But little do they know, their private nude selfies are misused and specially end up into wrong hands for blackmail or harassment. Not surprisingly, the private nude images and videos also end up into porn sites.

Not just ordinary girls are falling victim to this heinous act, many individuals from showbiz are also got a taste of their idiocy.

Rabi Pirzada, an activist and a singer whose sexually explicit videos and images got uploaded on social media websites and eventually on porn sites.

Ms Pirzada was seen using sex toys to masturbate and recording her nude dance with her own phone.

Rabi Pirzada then uploaded a video condemning the leaking of her private visuals and asked for forgiveness from Allah, she then announced her retirement from the entertainment industry.

Another Pakistani Model Samra Chaudhry’s private video also got leaked.

Samra recorded herself indulging in sexual act with her partner and her sensitive body parts were clearly exposed in the camera.

These are just couple of noticeable cases from Pakistan, many girls who are not celebrity have also got their lives ruined when their explicitly recorded visuals are published on online networking forums.

Mehreen, A teenage girl from Sialkot, killed herself ‘after her private photos that she sent to her boyfriend got leaked online.

The investigators said, she was seeing a person name Irfan, who she had met on Facebook some three months before she committed suicide. Reportedly, the guy use to ask her to send her “nudes” to which she complied and those images end up leaking online.

Although investigators couldn’t find her boyfriend responsible for the leaking of images, it is extremely disturbing to note how girls as young as 17 years old share their private photos to strangers they known in short span of time.

Pakistan is an Islamic country where activities as such girl sending her nude images to her partner can prove to be very costly. The society is largely conservative which would leave no stone unturned in destroying the said girl’s life.

Therefore a mass level of awareness is needed to ensure girls in Pakistani society refrain from making such blunders out of ignorance.


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