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DJI releases its mini 2: The best beginner drone

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DJI introduced its mavic mini in 2019, which was praised for its compact size and portability. The lightest and smallest drone created by DJI packed with a whole bunch of amazing specs and features. This year DJI is back with its successor, the DJI mini 2, aka the best beginner drone.

The predecessor of mini 2 had many features, and DJI even introduced a separate fly app for the new DJI mini. It was easy to use and a good drone for its price, but the users confronted several limitations when using it; such as the unavailability of RAW picture format.

So, this year, finally DJI decided to answer their prayers and add new features and specs to the new mini 2. Without further delay, let’s get into a detailed description of the mini 2’s specs and features.

Main features of DJI mini 2:

  • Weight( 249g)
  • 2.0 OcuSync transmission
  • Aperture- F.28
  • 24mm wide lens
  • Photo resolution of 12megamixel
  • 1/2.3″ CMOS image sensor
  • Raw+JPEG images
  • Video RR
  • Video Resolution- [email protected] 30p and [email protected]
  • 10km travel distance and 31min of flight time

What’s new?

Review: the DJI Mavic Mini 2 is the perfect drone for beginners: Digital  Photography Review

Now, that you know about the main features of the new DJI mini 2. Let me highlight what’s new in this drone that wasn’t present in the original version.

The DJI mini 2 comes with the feature of 4K video recording @ 30p. Whereas, the original version recorded at 2.7K @ 30p only.

This is a remarkable upgrade in the new version as 4K is becoming a sort of industry standard for video resolution so, this will really aid the content creators in shooting better videos through their drones.

Moreover, DJI also enhanced the overall video quality by increasing the bit rate at which mini 2 can shoot that is 100mbps while the older version had a bit rate of only 40mbps.

Plus, you can now take RAW images with the mini 2, unlike its previous version that only suppoted JPEG.

Therefore, now creators have more control in post-production which wasn’t possible in the JPEG format as it’s already compressed and processed that destroys the quality of the image in post-production.

Furthermore, DJI introduced up to 4X zoom in the new mini 2. Unlike, the mavic mini that had no zoom feature in it.

Also, the image mode has upgraded from timed shot to three new categories, including timed shots, triple shots, and auto exposure bracketing. Lastly, the transmission is shifted from WiFi transmission to OcuSync 2.0 transmission technology.

For this version manufacturer did listen to the users and made some significant changes to the new version that makes it stand out and a good product to invest in. But, the thing that I love the most about this drone is the weight of this drone that allows it to be flown anywhere without a permit.

How well does the mini 2 fly?

There is no doubt that mini was an impressive product, but I’ll say that mini 2 is even better. This machine has a better acceleration rate, and the new motors have reduced the noise with a significant margin. It is almost noiseless.

Moving on to the quality of flight of this product. Mini 2 can fly in extreme weather conditions, and it handles the wind really well. Which means that you don’t have to worry about flying this thing in any weather condition.

Besides, the compact design of this drone gives you more confidence while flying it. I, mean you can fly it anywhere and everywhere without people noticing it and giving you unwanted anxiety.

Moreover, the controls have become better as DJI changed the size of the mini 2’s controller. Now, the controller is bigger and better. You can hold it more firmly plus you can use it with phones of different sizes. As the phone mount is now adjustable.

Furthermore, the phone mount is present on the upper side of the controller that is more convenient than the mount present beneath the controller.

However, there is a problem with its gimbal that can be very annoying for people taking top-down shots. The camera of the drone sometimes shifts backward and readjusting it becomes irritating when you want an immediate top-down shot.

Why the best beginner drone?

DJI mini 2 is the best beginner drone for many reasons and I’m going to highlight some of them in this article.

First of all, DJI mini 2 is a great little package, but it can’t be recommended for professional-level filming. Because it still lacks some significant features that other high-end DJI drones like the Mavic Air 2 contain.

Nevertheless, this drone is ideal for beginners as it can teach a great degree of drone film making and photography.

The more you practice using this drone, the more you enhance your skills, and when you feel like that you’ve got the most out of this little drone that shoots at 4K with supported RAW image quality.

Then you can upgrade to a more professional drone. That has better features like object tracking and shooting slow-motion video at 4K. Till then DJI mini 2 should be your pick. Because you get all the required features and specs for beginner level at an affordable price of $500.


DJI updated its mavic mini to mini 2 with some significant features by listening to what the users wanted rather than adding useless features which would’ve affected the image of this new line of compact and travel friendly drones.

This drone is amazing for beginners and people who want a more portable device that is free of the permit hassle. The price is great, the specs and features are remarkable. Hence, a purchase that provides you an excellent value for your money!

However, I’ll love to hear your thoughts about this drone so don’t forget to mention them in the comments section below.


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