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Video: Doctors are killing patients and blaming Covid19 – Nurse

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9 pm in the night, he complained of minor chest pain and shortage of breath. His family took him to the hospital. Except for having pain and bad flu, he was doing just fine. He drove the car by himself, and to the hospital, he was laughing and cracking jokes. They reached the hospital and after getting checked by a local physician, Dr advised him to get admitted.

Even then he was sending pictures to his family from the ward. All of a sudden, he stopped messaging. When asked, Dr told his family that he is getting treatment for his shortage of breath. Hours passed, no reply was received from him. When inquired, Dr. said that they sent him on the vent because his condition was deteriorating and by 7 in the morning, they declared him dead.

This story was not from some novel or movie but a glimpse of a horrible incident that I’ve experienced in my family. He was my 37 years old cousin, who was an athlete but succumbed to this deadly disease named Corona Virus, in a very strange manner.

Covid19 – According to scientists, it’s one of the worst kinds of pandemic they have experienced to date and by the end of the year, they fear more casualties due to this deadly virus. But is this all we should afraid of? Many people in the world have reported losing their loved ones to this disease but in a very odd and unexpected way. They take their healthy hearty persons to the hospital and get their cold dead bodies back. Is this because of COVID 19 – or there is some other reality to it as well?

Recently, a young nurse from New York made some shocking revelations in her video which shook me to the core.

A Nurse from New York Exposed Murder of Patients under the Garb of Corona Virus

Recently a video has gone viral in which a Nurse, who claimed to be from the New York Hospital, alleged her Hospital staff for ill-treating and killing patients under the garb of Corona Virus

The nurse, Nicole Sirotek, made a video amid sobbing and claimed that patients are getting murdered by Doctors.

“Like guys they are not dying of Covid Okay? I’m telling you that they are murdering these people and nobody will listen to me”

She said that Covid is deadly and she knows that a lot of people are going to die, but the Pneumonia patients are having didn’t caused by Covid, it caused by gross negligence.

An incorrectly placed ET Tube placed that Pneumo and then they wouldn’t let me fix it. Like all I had to do was adjust it but they wouldn’t let me do it” said the nurse with teary eyes.

A ventilator can help patients unable to breathe on their own, but the experience of COVID-19 patients has been sobering for doctors.

Furthermore, she made this heart-wrenching revelation that patients who died were mostly minorities, and this is why nobody would care for them

I know not everyone is going to live. I know we are going to have a shit ton of people die, but these people aren’t dying from Covid. It’s just here and they are just gonna let them rot on the vent” said Nicole.

Black and Latinx Americans are dying at disproportionately high rates from Covid19, black new Yorkers are losing their lives at twice the rate of their white neighborhood and this cannot be a coincidence. It’s shameful and disgusting to see that racism is prevailing in the medical sector as well. People would now be treated on the basis of their skin color…

Nicole said that all the other nurses in the hospital are aware of this thing yet they rubbish her claims saying “You cannot save everyone”.

She asked people out there watching her video to guide her that how can she save those black lives medically before they throw her out of the hospital.

Covid 19 Conditions in Pakistan

Ok here let me tell you one thing. Corona is real – it is as real as any other disease. Yes, people with weak immunity are dying as well, but we need to know that not everyone is dying of covid19 complications. Apart from my story, many other people in Pakistan also reported losing their loved ones in unexpected ways. A girl reported that his father fell from the stairs and got his hand fractured. When checked, he turned out to be Covid19 positive, and then the same story followed. Doctors put him on vent and he didn’t come alive.

Many other cases reported where people were allegedly offered money to declare their deceased as Covid19 positive.

This is horrific and hell scary. Hospitals that used to consider as the safest places are converting into slaughterhouses. Doctors are saving their ‘favorite’ patient, leaving rest on vent to rot and die. Why is this happening?

Months ago, a report alleged that countries with the highest mortality rates from Covid would be considered as deplorable and would get more funds from the IMF. In April, Pakistan gets $1.4B aid as virus cases top 7,000.

You see where is this going? What is taking place under this Pandemic thing? I hope this is not true, but if it is, then mark my words; the apocalypse is near.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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