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Dune review: Denis Villeneuve’s epic classic sci-fi

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dune review

Dune is an adaptation of the popular novel by Frank Herbert. This Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet starrer has been in the news since the release of its trailer. The fascinating and imaginative visuals of the movie kept the audience on the hook to watch on its released. Dune release on 22nd October 2021. This sci-fi is truly a win for Denis Villeneuve’s directing career. Today in this article, will talk about our take on this sci-fi epic. So without further delay, let’s jump to the Dune review.

Did Denis Villeneuve do justice to the classic sci fi saga?

The first adaptation of Frank Herbert was created by one of the masters of cinema: David Lynch. However, the 1984 Dune was an overly flawed and rackety movie. Hence, in contrast to that, Dune 2021 is surely a victory at Villeneuve’s hands.

Villeneuve has put thought into the plot of the movie and only utilized half of the book for the first installment, and left the rest for the upcoming sequel that’ll allow the story to grow further.

The movie story revolves around a deserted planet called Dune. Dune leaps into the millennia of the future. Basically, the plot revolves around the rich trying to exploit the indigenous people of Dune and take control of the Desert planet’s mineral supply “Spice”.

Timothee Chalamet plays the role of Paul Atreides whose heir to the Duke Leto Atreides(Oscar Isaac). “Spice” is the mineral that Paul Atreides(Timothee Chalamet) emperor wants control over as it seems profitable to the emperor because of its ability to equip the consumer with mental superpowers. Zendaya plays the role of a young indigenous girl Chani who Paul falls in love with.

Paul has an intense relationship with his mother Lady Jessica flawlessly played by Rebecca Ferguson. Paul Atreides is a young man accessing the mental powers and determining unusual intuitions about his destiny.

This indicates to the Fremen of Dune that he can become their leader and save them from the exploitation of his emperor.

Is Dune worth the hype(review)?

Dune is loved by the audience, the movie has a rotten tomato rating of 83%. The movie admired by the critics and audience did a fair job of entertaining the viewers. Denis Villeneuve has done a great job to get almost everything right about the movie; from the visuals to the cast, everything is well placed.

Hence, the Dune is worth all the hype, and you consider it a total treat for the eyes and ears. However, there is still room for improvement and in my opinion, if Villeneuve puts in the same effort then, the second installment of this movie can be even better.

Ending Remarks!

Dune is an overall impressive visual sci-fi adaptation to Frank Herbert’s book. Nonetheless, the story still requires more development and improvements. Nevertheless, it is a great source of entertainment and it can make your 2hr 35min worthwhile.


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