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Emily In Paris – REVIEW

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Recently Netflix launched its new series called Emily In Paris by the creator of Sex and the City; Darren Stars. The writer has brought many interesting stories on TV for us for about 30 years now. Beverly Hills, 90210, and Melrose Place being his first few. He has a knack for creating characters that leave a stamp on your memory and presents the story in a very sophisticated manner which makes all of his shows fun to watch. Emily In Paris being one of his light serialized romcom creations is a travelogue where the starring Lily Collins goes around the beautiful City of Lights-Paris (OH MY GOD) as a part of her new job. Just like the sibling version of another series called Land’s Younger produced by Star, Emily in Paris is a story of a passionate woman trying to deal with a job she feels like she might not be ready for yet, but goes and gradually wins everyone over with her charm.

What is the fuss about?

Now that you are here to know what is the fuss about and why everyone seems to be watching this show. Here it is: Emily cooper, played by Lily Collins, is a twentysomething American with a job at a marketing firm in Chicago. Here she has to come up with social media promotions for pharmaceuticals and old-age care facilities. The firm has taken over a prestigious Paris-based marketing agency- Savior- known for dealing with luxury brands. Her boss Madeline, played by Kate Walsh, is supposed to move to France to look over the process. However, when she finds out that she is pregnant she aborts the mission. So, guess who gets to maneuver to Paris for a year? YES! You guessed it right. Emily is chosen to be the American point of view for the French firm. But there is just one bit of a problem—she doesn’t speak French.

Emily has everything she needs- a suitcase full of stylish outfits, lots of confidence and all-new, all Paris, all the time, an Instagram page named ‘emilyinparis’. But she still faces a lot of problems at work. The first being she landed at work a day before then she was expected to arrive. And secondly, they expected Madeline instead of Emily. Everyone is annoyed that they have to talk in English around her. The social media manager at Savior runs away from Emily as she is approached as she doesn’t speak English. Nobody wants to have lunch with Emily and Emily is secretively nicknamed ‘La Plouc’ which translates to ‘country bumpkin’. Nevertheless, she arrives at work all dressed up in a blouse with an image of the Eiffel Tower printed on it, chirping translated greetings through a translation app.  But naturally, everybody hates her. All in all, nobody at work is ready to accept her but Emily’s bad day is brightened by the appearance of the hottie neighbor Gabriel played by Lucas Bravo. *Audience sweating* Start watching the series now to know how with each passing episode Emily deals with her colleagues’ rude behavior and becomes the heart of everybody. Not to mention the hot French boys *wink*

Emily in Paris- Stream it or Skip it?!

Star again has proved that he can create well-rounded characters and put them into funny and light situations. With Emily in Paris, he picks up a twentysomething girl and drops her in the French capital where she learns that things are not always romantic. This is the Paris we are dying to get shown by a Netflix show. This is about Emily living and loving as an American in Paris in a pre-pandemic world. Also, worth looking at the French hotties. SHALL WE TAKE A TRIP TO PARIS? The pace of the show is something commendable, it wasn’t necessarily very slow but at a very established pace. This helped us live Emily’s journey, breath, and explore along with her in the beautifully romantic Paris.

Our take? If it wasn’t 2020- a year full of lockdowns and isolations and fear of catching a deadly virus, I wouldn’t have gone past the first two episodes. But since this year has brought so many surprising (not surprising anymore) events, we would love to have anything easy and diverting where ever we get it from. I wouldn’t suggest you to not watch it, I watched it and I liked it. Watching Emily walking down the streets of beautiful Paris in her designer clothes when we are all struggling emotionally and financially is a big getaway. It is a good way to spend a couple of afternoons watching 10 episodes of approx. 30 minutes each having to experience pretty people, good visuals, and jaw-dropping outfits.

STREAM IT! To find out will Emily find love in the city of romance or will have to give up sooner?


Seema Shah

Full time mother, part time blogger.

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