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Esra Bilgic Reply To Sick Desi Man Moral Policing Her – And Its Savage

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The Sword of Sultana Finally Swung High

Some Pakistani men could be way more irritating, especially behind the keyboard. Their favorite hobby on the Internet is to watch, enjoy, and then react. You would often watch them leading the “ghairat brigade” and attacking every celebrity girl’s social media handles with their taunts or moral policing. The irony is that those men, whose family doesn’t consider their opinions in important matters, who are not even good at distinguishing between dhaniya and podina, let alone the society, they don’t even have respect in their own homes are also expressing their ‘precious thoughts’ while hiding behind the keyboard.

Recently the target of this Ghairat Brigade was none other than the Turkish beauty, Esra Bilgic. She became the sensation in Pakistan after the great Turkish drama series Dirilis – Ertugrul has hit the big screens in the country. Esra played the role of Halima Sultan which was much loved and respected. Since long the Ghairat Brigade is trolling and moral policing Bilgic over her dressing sense and attires, which are of course according to the traditions and customs of her land, but some people, especially Pakistani forget that the public figure is not a Public property.

Bilgic, who was graciously tolerating all the taunts and trolls and was silent since long has finally decided to speak up

The Savage Attack by The Beautiful ‘Sultana’

Recently, Esra served a Pakistani man, who tried to troll and moral police her like the rest, with the most befitting reply.

It’s all happened when a cad called out Bilgic and tried to troll her by calling her ‘Halima Baji’ and ask her not to wear such clothes. Halima Sultan sword swung high when she wrote “Let me give you a little advice: Don’t follow me, Thank you” – and *slaaasshhh* – and this is how children, Sultana beheaded the offender with her sharp words and make him a lesson for all the Pakistani men in coming times that keep your nose out of everyone’s matter or else you will be left with two holes instead of the nose.

Previously, Bilgic turned off her comments because of the negative comments on her post mostly by the Pakistani guys.

It’s embarrassing to see how Pakistani men are behaving with a guest celebrity who personally loves her Pakistani fans and keep them above anyone else. Esra showed immense love and respect for Pakistan, but some people are determined to prove that no girl, we don’t deserve it.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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