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Feroze Khan Takes Stand Against Harasser ‘Ibsham Zahid’

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From the last two days, the trend ‘Ibsham Zahid behind the Bars’ has got immense popularity. People are making it more viral to get this harasser, who is giving death and rape threats to a girl arrested. Netizens also tagged Waqar Zaka to look into this matter but no response from him has been received until now. But this incident has caught the attention of another famous celebrity and he took no time to take a step.

Feroze Khan Speak Out against Ibsham Zahid and Vows To Protect Females From Harassers

Feroze Khan, widely known by his on-screen character, Meer Haadi is not only an amazing actor but a beautiful human being in real life as well. He is known for his bold stance and unflagging patriotism – You will often see this handsome guy raising social issues and giving befitting replies to those who speak against the land or his people.

Recently Feroze made a video to address the on-going serious issue of Fatima Amir; a girl which is being badly harassed and threatened by the so-called Baloch guy, Ibsham Zahid.

In the video, Khan narrates the story that how Ibsham has been stalking Fatima and threatening her with rape and murder. Having a bunch of his Baloch friends in the video, Khan stated that these are “Real Baloch” from real tribes, and Real Baloch doesn’t threaten women, rather they vow to protect the dignity of them.

Lakhmir, his Baloch friend also insured his support to Fatima.
“We are also Baloch. If he’d tried to do anything against you, we are standing with you” said Lakhmir

Another friend of Khan, Mesum Bugti said that Ibsham doesn’t represent the entire Baloch community and they are all standing in support with Fatima and will surely teach a lesson to him.

Feroze made an announcement of launching an Instagram account named ‘Protecthemnow’ – He said that this platform will provide help to girls who are getting harassed or threatened by such monsters in any mean – He also said that he is trying his best to trace Ibsham and deal with him personally to protect Fatima.

Cyber Bullying And Harassment Are the Real Issues and Need to Get Addressed

Cyber Bullying and harassment are the issues that are equally minacious as Sexual Harassment but unfortunately, it doesn’t sound alarming to many. This guy Ibsham was threatening Fatima for many years. He stalked her, he morphed her images and send it to her mother, he is threatening to kill her father and rape Fatima if she didn’t agree to sleep with him – just because he hadn’t been treated properly at the first step. Right now, Ibsham is planning to flee out of the country to escape from everything here.

This initiative from Feroze Khan is brave and truly commendable and we need more people like him and Waqar Zaka to raise this issue and spread awareness to protect women in every means.

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