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FM, Turkish counterpart Discuss Israeli atrocities against Palestinians

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Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi has on Tuesday spoke to his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu and discussed the ongoing brutal act of terrorism by Israeli Forces against the Palestinians in Jerusalem.

In his tweet today, FM Qureshi has termed the Israeli violence against innocent and unarmed Palestinians “absolutely unacceptable”.

He wrote, “Spoke to brother Mevlut Cavusoglu on the increasingly dire and oppressive situation in Palestine. Fully support Turkey’s call to convene a meeting of OCI and UN. Storming 1st Qibla of Islam Masjid Al-Aqsa, killing children and forcing evictions – absolutely unacceptable.”

He further said that Mevlut Cavusoglu is in Saudi Arabia and during talks with the Saudi Foreign Minister today, he will propose an emergency ministerial-level meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in order to effectively raise the voice of Muslim Ummah on the Palestinian issue.

Earlier in the day, while addressing a news conference, FM Qureshi said that there is no change in Pakistan’s historic and principled position on Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

He said, “Pakistan and Kashmiri people have totally rejected the illegal steps taken by India on the 5th August 2019. He said Pakistan has raised its voice on the matter at all the international forums.”

“There is no ambiguity in Pakistan’s stance on the lingering dispute,” he added.

The Foreign Minister strongly condemned the Israeli violence against innocent and unarmed Palestinians. He further urged the international community to assemble its efforts to get stopped the Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

“The international community must play its part in ending Israel’s violence,’ he appealed, ‘Pakistan’s position on Palestine is unequivocal,” the Foreign Minister said.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Pakistan fully expresses solidarity with the Palestinian people, and Prime Minister Imran Khan also made his position clear to the Secretary-General of the OIC.

Note that, the death toll has soared to 20 in ongoing Gaza airstrikes with 520 reported injuries, the Palestinian health ministry said on Tuesday.

According to the reports, the victims include nine children. The youngest victim was 10-years-old, Gaza health officials told.

The Israeli military said it struck several Hamas targets in response to continued rocket fire out of Gaza. It said eight sites were struck.

Hamas fired dozens of rockets into Israel, including a barrage that set off air raid sirens as far away as Jerusalem, after almost 300 Palestinians were hurt in violence at Al Aqsa mosque.

Seven members of one family, including three children, were killed in northern Gaza after an explosion whose origins were unknown.

Tensions in Jerusalem have been fuelled by the planned forced expulsions of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and by an Israeli forces raid on Al Aqsa on one of the holiest nights of Ramadan.


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