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Ex-Commander and General Died Roadside in an ‘Old Mazda’

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Tragic. Extremely sad news embraced the nation today, which made me realize how ignorant and careless we are as a nation. How easily we forget those real heroes who sacrificed their today for our better tomorrow. Ah, only if they know that they will have no place in that ‘tomorrow’ they have sacrificed their today for.

Former Karachi Corps Commander Lt. General Retired Muzaffar Usmani Found Dead In DHA, Karachi.

A golden chapter of bravery and courage has silently come to an end. The retired valiant Commander Karachi Corps Lieutenant General Muzaffar Usmani have died yesterday.

We all came to know when Police found a dead body of an old man, wearing below average clothes near DHA, who got expired due to cardiac arrest. The body was lying in a 35-year-old clunker car.

Soon, they realized that the deceased person was none other than the Ex Corps Commander Muzzafar Usmani.

According to the Police, the body of the retired general was found lying on the driving seat of his car, parked off the main road near the Do Darya traffic signal.  

“Police spotted the car parked along the main road near the phase VIII traffic signal,” said Imran Mirza, SP Clifton. “Gen Usmani was lying on one side of his car’s driving seat. The policemen knocked at the window but he didn’t respond; they took him out of the car and found him dead. It was a heart attack that proved fatal” he further added. The family of Gen Usmani was convinced and did not want any further medical examination.

His body was soon shifted to PNS Shifa.

Gen Usmani – A Chapter of Valiance and Bravery

Born in Muradabad, India in 1944, Muzaffar Usmani, migrated along with his family to Pakistan during Partition. Gen Usmani, 76 was known for his vital role in the October 1999 coup. He was serving as the Corps Commander Karachi, when the then army chief, Gen Pervez Musharraf displace then Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif’s government. The coup was conducted after an aircraft carrying Gen Musharraf was not allowed to land in Karachi. It is said that without the assistance of Gen Usmani, Gen Musharraf wouldn’t have overthrown Sharif

Gen Usmani was one of the most vicious and valiant Officers of his time. He joined the Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer in 1966 and served the nation for about 4 decades. In his entire period, he held various command and staff appointment. He also commanded a corps sized formation in Bahawalpur.

In 2001, Gen Usmani was appointed as a Deputy Army chief of the Army Staff by Gen Musharraf. However, due to some differences, Musharraf released him from his position. He later retired from the Pakistan Army in 2002.

Netizens Bid Him Goodbye in Nice Words and Prayers

And today, the general who used to be considered as an epitome of excellence, found in ragged condition in an old heap. This is what they earned after serving in the Army. Imagine he commanded 5 corps during the Musharraf regime, he was Deputy COAS, had a career of 40 serving years, and yet No royal residency, no property of million dollars, or even a good car he bought. This is Army to you. This is how they serve and die. The only asset he had was his life which he sacrificed for the land and that’s all.

Today, the traitors while being filthy rich, driving luxurious vehicles, and wearing million-dollar apparel bark on the Army for ‘consuming’ money of poor citizens. See, this is what they earn, a 35-year old hoop-tie and those who are barking drive million dollars of limo and Mercedes. Maybe they inherited all this money from their poor farmer father, like Nawaz Sharif. Disgusting

As a nation, we need to understand that war veterans and retired officers deserve respect as martyrs do. They too spent their whole life serving you and saving you from unknown threats. Remember, those who sacrificed their today for you, deserve to be remembered in your tomorrows. Gen Usmani, thank you, sir. The nation will never forget your participation. May ALLAH gives you the highest rank in JANNAH, Aameen


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