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Hamid Mir Back To Being ‘Dalaal’ – Insults PakArmy for Peshawar Blast

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Once you become a Pimp, and there is no way going back, and this is the fate of all Indian backed Dalaals working in Pakistan. A certain lobby which is working on Anti-Pak or a more specific Indian agenda is active in Pakistan these days and is in full try to defame the institutions and armed forces of the country. These self-loathing Dalaals can literally stoop to any level for discrediting their own Forces, who stood unwaveringly for their peoples and land in every crisis and circumstances.

Hamid Mir Criticize Pak Forces and Institutions Over Peshawar Blast

Recently, a massive blast went off at Madrassah in Peshawar where around 7 students have been massacred, and up to 125 are badly injured. There is a massive situation of turmoil in the city, and the entire nation is deeply aggrieved. But the Anti-Pak lobby took this incident as a chance to pour out its inner loath against Army and make sure that as always, the blame would be on Armed Forces.

The name of Hamid Mir isn’t new for the people of Pakistan. He is a senior journalist, columnist, and author but unfortunately, none of these jobs could define what he really is. Mr. Mir is commonly known as a Lifafi journalist and traitor due to his extreme loath for the Armed forces and institutions of Pakistan. His Anti-Pak approach and hate statements against the supreme institution of Pakistan always lands him into hot water, and this time was no exception

Where yesterday he was supposed to condemn the attack and offer his condolences, he instead used this incident as a chance to criticize the army and intelligence agencies working in Pakistan.

While making to his Twitter, Mr. Mir wrote: a suspected person planted a bomb in a bag at a mosque of a religious seminary in Peshawar and left. Shortly afterward, a bomb exploded, in which several martyred and numerous got injured. Intelligence Agencies are urged that issuing threat alerts is not enough. They should catch the bombers instead of catching Politicians and journalists”. 

Moreover, to support his stance, he also used old pictures of Afghanistan attack to assert how worst conditions have been created due to army negligence.

So, this is the issue right? Because you and your beloved PDM are on intelligence’s Radar nowadays for discrediting and defaming the supreme institutions of Pakistan, this is what budging you, no?

He suggests that agencies should catch the culprits, but can he assure that whoever will get arrested wouldn’t get fall in their ‘Missing Persons’ category? Because this is what they do. Whenever a culprit got arrested over his confirmed involvements in terror attacks they immediately tag him under the missing person’s list, and carry out massive furor and commotion across the country against his illegal ‘abduction’.

Netizens Bashed Hamid Mir For Criticing Armed Forces

Soon, the nationalist flocked on his tweet and showed him the mirror.

Hamid Mir Hate Statements Against Pak Army On Indian Television

Has anyone noticed that since the PDM has stated targeting armed forces, Hamid Mir has become more active and open in his hate speeches? Not only that, recently, he gave an interview to the Indian channel in which he criticed army over its involvement in politics, and support PDM specially PML-N stance. Watch Him

Disgusting, but we understand it’s not your fault. After all, its the demand of your work. Well, we all know who you are, we know what you and your lobby wants and we are also well aware of who planted this attack on us and don’t worry Pak Army will surely find the culprits, no matter how much you and your Indian-funded lobby tries to hide them under Missing person category, they wouldn’t be missing anymore.


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