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Hania Amir “Friend-Zoned” Asim Azhar, Leaving Netizens In Laugh:

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Social media is the ultimate hub of information and entertainment. Every news here becomes sensational and startling, even the small minor gossip coming under the hands of genius netizens becomes something extraordinary. This is what happened today with Hania Amir and Asim Azhar;

The two most loved icons of Pakistan, who often make it to the news for some interesting reason and the reason they give today left Pakistani rolling on the floor laughing.

In a recent live chat with her bestie and an iconic singer Aima Baig on Instagram, Hania Amir revealed that she and Asim Azhar are only “Best Friends”

In a live session with Aima Baig, Hania Amir was responding to some questions asked by the fans. When a fan asked that If she is still with Asim To which Hania replied:

“He is asking if we are still together. We are friends, we aren’t dating neither we are a couple, we are just “Best Friends”.

This statement left even Aima shocked, she said:

“Yeh to mujhe bhi nahi pata tha” (even I didn’t know that). Hania ensures her by replying

“No, no listen, we are actually “Great Friends”. I played a part in his video as well and we are there for each other all the time. But as far as relationships and “are you together” is concerned, I’m not with anyone”

There were speculations on the internet about Asim Azhar and Hania Amir being together, and the pictures and moments they shared with their fans certified all the rumors. Everyone was sure about them being in a relationship and was waiting for the wedding bells. Now suddenly this statement by Hania left everyone in shock which later on converted into a burst of a laugh. The Twitterattis express condolence to Asim Azhar in their own unique way which made Pakistanis literally roll on the floor laughing

The twitteratis went mad over this hilarious situation and made it more fun.

Some take a u turn and accuse Areeqa Haq for being the reason behind the break up.

Some fans really felt bad for Asim and offer their condolences.

Asim Azhar and Hania Amir are two very talented artists of our Pakistan and undoubtedly the most loved couple of youngsters. People experiences Asim Azhar going off the way to help Hania. Even when one a closest friend of Azhar and an Actor Yasir Hussain took a funny dig on Hania calling her DANAYDAR because of her acne conditions, Azhar jumped in and supported Hania over his best friend. Ah well, we are genuinely feeling bad for the poor guy but you never know, maybe someday Asim manage to sneak out of that Friend-zone, and make a freeway to Hania’s heart, well fingers crossed.

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Maya SH

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