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Having ‘Fun Time’- Mufti Qawi ‘Mujra’ Clip Released

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Oh Check This Out… A Religious Conference where ‘Mufti Sahab’ is Doing Conversion of This Chinese Girl In a ‘Smooth’ Way- Way Too Smoothly

Mufti Abdul Qawi tends to remain in the news now and then for some of the most colorful reasons – Though apparently, he is a Mufti – a legal expert of Islam, but surprisingly none of his news pertains to it. Looking at his lifestyle and ‘activities’ it isn’t hard to say that Qawi Sahab’s hobbies are pretty ‘jazzy’ but hey, remember he is Mufti – a noble person, Ok. Whatever he does, it cannot be wrong… uh, uh –

Somedays you will watch him making saintly Tiktok with young girls, other days he will be busy ‘practicing’ selfies with beauties – Hareem Shah, Qandeel Baloch, you name it – he bestows his pious ‘teachings’ to everyone.

Recently a video went viral Of Mufti Abdul Qawi in Which He Is ‘Devoted’ in… Well Some Holy Work Maybe

A video clip is making rounds of the Internet in which Mufti Sahab is busy making some groovy moves of ‘conversion’ with a Chinese girl – the video is of a party in which Mufti Qawi seems to be having a ‘holy time’ with a Chinese Follower

Oh My – I never knew this was also a part of religious teachings – Wow Qawi Sahab you nailed it – *nodding head in disappointment*  

Well, jokes apart, this is plain disgusting – This man, who likes to call himself a teacher of Islam and gives ‘Fatwa’ over things, is the same man who once said that Man is allowed to have women outside of marriage (extramarital). He is the same man who often seems passing cheap comments on women, the same man who never let go of a chance to get cheesy with ladies around him – Whatever you may believe, for me this libidinous chap is a pure insult to the noble word ‘Mufti’ and nothing more.


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